The Sanctuary of Atotonilco which is also known as Santuario De Atotonilco, it is a church complex situated in Guanajuato, Mexico. The entire complex was built in the 18th century, by the Luis Felipe Neri De Alfaro who, was the father of the church. It was called by vision of Jesus carrying a cross and with crown of thrones. The complex of church and church is rich with Mexican murals which adds charm and adorns chapels and nave. The work of murals is also known as ‘Sistine Chapel of Mexico’.

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Sanctuary Of Atotonilco Popular Heritage Site At Mexico

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About the Site:

The Site is also called as the Sanctuary of Country and God, which is better known as Sanctuary of Jesus Nazareno De Atotonilco. The site is declared as a World Heritage Site in the year 2008, with the other historic centre of San Miguel De Allende. The Atotonilco is situated 14-km outside the town of San Miguel De Allende. The land is a blend of dessert with mesquite trees and sweet acacia with dry grassland. The site shares its appearance with Jerusalem and creates connection with the Holy Land for many believers. The place is blessed with fresh water springs and thermal springs.


The side walls of the church are protected by high walls, which gives a fortress appearance. The wall is 10-meters high, with cupolas 12-meters and a clock tower which is 20-meters high. The man entrance is also simple facing east side, toward the south is main façade which is Casa De Ejercicious and toward the north is Santa Escuela De Cristo.

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Sanctuary Of Atotonilco Popular Heritage Site At Mexico

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A Pilgrimage Site

The site is considered as a holy pilgrimage site. Also the architecture, decorative features reflects the doctrine of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. During Holy Week period, around 5,000 people perform spiritual exercises by wearing a crown of thorns. One of the week from 33-weeks of the year, visitors from around the world visit this place ‘Casa De Ejercicios’ to accomplish the penance.

Sanctuary Of Atotonilco

Sanctuary Of Atotonilco Popular Heritage Site At Mexico

This World Heritage site exchange much of its culture with Latin America and Europe. It is one of the finest Baroque architecture and Baroque art.