Red Square’, with the name it suggest it must be city with square cottages of colour red in it. Here we go wrong, there are no cottages of red structure in this. Red Square is a city square in Russia, Moscow. A long history is attached with this place called ‘Red Square’.

The Red Square separates Kremlin from merchant quarters. Yes, you have heard it right the ‘Kremlin’, is official residence of President of Russia from ‘Kitai-gorod’. It is often considered as central square of Moscow, Russia. This central square then connects to major –highways of Russia.

Red Square Moscow

Red Square Moscow World Heritage Situated In Russia

What’s in name?

This was said, by Shakespeare. The name doesn’t reveal about the hidden attributes of a person or place. Well, this is very much correct with few conditions.

Red Square does not derive its name from its red brick construction, the word красная means ‘red‘ and прекрасная means ‘beautiful’. This was primarily applied to Saint Basil’s Cathedral, which was then moved to square nearby. This square is current times ‘Red Square’.

History of Red Square

The life in Red Square was shanty, slum dwellers. Thousands of people like dunkers, criminals and peddlers resided under the kremlin wall. Due to their status, these people were made to reside outside the boundary by the officials, during the medieval city. Then in 1400’s, the area was cleared by Ivan III, but it still remained under the authority of Mob.

The area was previously known as Trinity Square, which was then called as ‘Red Square’ in middle of 17th Century.

It was named as ‘Trinity Square’, because of the Trinity Cathedral. After ‘Trinity Square’, it was named as ‘Fire Square’, due to number of times it burned downed into fire during medieval period.

Red Square Moscow

Red Square Moscow World Heritage Situated In Russia

Emerge of Red Square

The Red Square name gain fame in 20th century. This was then site where official parade were demonstrated by armed forces.

The two parade which got recorded under the pages of History were:

–       The first parade conducted on 7th November in year 1941, where young cadets marched straight till frontline from Red Square. It was nearly 50km right from Moscow, Russia.

–       The second was victory march conducted on 24th June in year 1945, in this parade many Nazi standards were thrown right in front of Mausoleum and were crushed by Commanders of Soviets.

The year 2000, was marked as 50th anniversary as End of ‘World War II’.

Red Square Moscow

Red Square Moscow World Heritage Situated In Russia

World Heritage:

With today’s time, the structure is noted as one of the finniest architectural structure with flooding number of visitors day by day. In year 1990, it was declared UNESCO World heritage site.

After knowing the story of brutally killed and bloody piece of history the atmosphere might get dismay. But the architectural beauty fascinates place. And, seriously Red Square is a place where visitor will like to visit again and again.

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