Walking down underground to explore new stuffs is new voyage. Caves are great example, which allows to find the ancient standard of living. Here is a list of ‘Popular Underground Walkways From Around The World’.

Underground City, Montreal

This largest man-made network is underground created in Canada and is supposed to be largest in the world. It is estimated that almost 500,000 people use this part of the stretch daily that is admeasuring almost 32 kilometers.  This area has shopping malls, hotels, and museums. There are also offices and university in this. Interestingly enough, this also has metro and train routes inside along with bus terminal. The area is vast enough to accommodate an ice hockey area. There are around 120 entrances to this largest network.

Mammoth Cave National Park Kentucky

Manmooth Caves - Underground Walkways

Popular Underground Walkways From Around The World

This is world’s longest known cave with more than 400 miles explored so far. The oldest part was estimated to have formed almost 10 million years ago, an era even before the most primitive human being arrived on earth.  The cave system is a part of the Green River valley and the hilly terrain of South Kentucky. This huge cave system named as Mammoth Cave is being thronged by visitors from 1816, yet only 400 miles are explored. It is seen that such creatures like fish without eyes inhabit in this dark place. Earlier the cave was termed grand and gloomy, but due to the vast chambers in this and the complex labyrinths the cave system is now termed ‘Mammoth’. The Mammoth cave National Park preserves the cave system the valley and country of south Kentucky.

Aktun Chen Eco Park Caves

These are in Mexico at Yucatan, and can be explored by foot or by scuba diving. The place is lying beneath unexplored rain forests in the area. The visitors can walk by the Cenotes which is the local term for the subterranean rivers, they can go through the deep and crystal clear water to see through the layer and watch world of rock formations, fossils, stalagmites and stalactites.

Cu Chi Tunnels In Vietnam

There is an underground village in this tunnel with kitchen, dormitory, hospital and also a room for a meeting, a hall. There is a small trapdoor at the entrance, through which one has to enter in this network of tunnels extending almost to the tune of 200 kilometers. Thousands of Vietnamese had taken shelter in this long tunnel during the Vietnam War that was raging from 1954 to 1975. Though the place was bombed many times the ‘village’ could never be captured.

Mine at Kalgoorlie in Australia

Underground Walkways

Popular Underground Walkways From Around The World

In the 19th century, there was a desperate gold rush in Australia and in Hannan’s North Mine at Kalgoorlie people thronged in search of Gold. This Mine still produces almost 10% of the total gold produced in the world. The enthusiastic visitors have to descend almost 100 feet with the help of the cage elevator in the tunnel dug during this gold rush. They too can try their hand for scooping gold.

The Great Pyramid at Egypt in Giza

This is the only wonder of the ancient world that is surviving till date. The visitors have to descend 330 feet down through 3.5 foot wide passage to reach the heart of the Pyramid. This is about 5000 years old and occupies an area 30 times as that of the Empire State building. The great pyramid has always remained a center of attraction and there are lots of speculations regarding the origin purpose and the construction of this structure.