Nepal a Federal Democratic Republican country located in South Asia. It is 93rd largest country around the world. Nepal is famous for its serene spots and mesmerizing landscape around.  It is located on border of Himalaya separated by Bangladesh. Kathmandu is not only nation’s capital and famous place but also largest metropolis of the country. Here is a dig on Popular Temples of Nepal.

Following is a list of Popular Temples Of Nepal.

  • Pashupatinath Temple:
Top Five Attractions In Kathmandu

Top Five Attractions In Kathmandu – Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupati means ‘Lord of the Beasts’, it is one of the most popular Shiva temple. The temple has two-storey pagoda of 24-metre. The Shiva Linga in the temple is believed to be 7-century old. The huge temple complex also has other Hindu God idols, instituted for different period of history.

  • Guhyeshwari:
Guhyeshwari Temple  -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Guhyeshwari Temple

The Guhyeshwari Temple is one of the famous Shkri Peeth, located on bank of Bhagamati River near Pashupatinath. The Goddess is replicated in form of silver plated water hole, which is covered with silver kailash.

  • Changu Narayan
Changu Narayan Temple -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Changu Narayan Temple

The Changu Narayan Temple is declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, located on small hill to the east of Kathmandu in Bhaktapur. The temple is also best known as Vishu-Narayan. There is mesmerizing Garuda statue dating from 5th century of Lichchhavi period. The temple rich art of stone carving, pagoda structure, which was re-constructed in year 1702.

The temple has cooper roof, although the temple Changu Narayan is sacred pilgrim site for Vaishnavites.

  • Shesh Narayan
Sheshnarayan -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Sheshnarayan

The Shesh Narayan is famous spot, on souther side of Kathmandu valley. This Vishu temple is one of the most prominent temple built on a cliff.

  • Budhanikantha
Budhanilkantha -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Budhanilkantha

The Budhanikantha Temple is located in northern part of Kathmandu valley of Shivpuri, also probably largest stone statue of Lord Vishnu reclining on bed of snakes at centre of pond. The statue is 5-meter long carved out of single granite rock dated from Lichchhavi period.

  • Gokarneshwar
Gokarneshwar -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Gokarneshwar

The Gokarneshwar temple situated in Gokarna in northern east was constructed in 18th century as pagoda style temple on bank of Baghmati River. The best time to visit is in Bhadra and Paush month according to lunar calendar. The temple courtyard also has other idols of Hindu deities such as Chandra, Narad, Surya and Kamdeva and so.

  • Dakshinkali
Dakshinkali -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Dakshinkali

The Dakshinkali is another famous Shakti Peeth in Kathmandu valley dedicated to Goddess Kali. The temple is crowded with zealous devotee, animal sacrifice is performed on Tuesday and Saturday. The spot has become favourite for picnickers.

  • Shobha Bhagawati
Shobha Bhagwati -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Shobha bhagwati

The Shobha Bhagwati temple is yet another Shakti Peeth located in Kathmandu valley across Bishnumati River. The temple is structured with brass roof and two-storey pagoda. The Goddess is worshipped by Buddhist and Hindus.

  • Bagalmukhi and Kumbheswar
Bagalmukhi and Kumbheswar -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Bagalmukhi and Kumbheswar

There are two temples and are located in the Kathmandu valley and near the Patan town. Bagalmukhi is the most famous Shakti Peeth which means the temple of Goddess Durga. It is known that the Goddess fulfils the wishes of the devotees and people visit the shrine in large number.

Kumbheshwar temple that dates back from 1392 is the Shiva Temple, the oldest temple in patan which has large silver ShivaLinga inside. The temple is in five- storey wooden  pagoda , and there are only two such high Pagodas in Nepal. The temple complex has a pond nearby and it is said that the water in this pond comes all the way from Rashuwa district.

  • Gosainkunda Lake
Gosainkunda Lake -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Gosainkunda Lake

The Lake is located at an altitude of 4380 metres, and is in Rashuwa district. This lake is most sacred place for the Hindus, during the auspicious time of janai Punam in July people take holy dip in the ice-cold waters to get rid of all the committed sins. There are nine other Kundas (Lakes) in the vicinity. There is a story that the water from this Kunda flows all the way from Rashuwa district to the pond near Kumbheshwar temple.

  • Bajrajogini
Bajrayogini -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Bajrayogini

This is worshiped by both Hindu Buddhists. The shrine is dedicated to the Tantric Deity, located in the three storey pagoda built in the 17th century. There is animal sacrifice done by killing Goat, Chicken and ducks as offering to the Deity.

  • Swayambhunath Stupa
Swayambhunath Stupa -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Swayambhunath Stupa

This is UNESCO World Heritage site; it is a prominent Buddhist monument in Nepal. The stupa is also known as Monkey Temple due to huge population of monkeys here. The stupa had come to existence quite early but the reference is in 5th century onwards.

  • Bauddhanath Stupa
Bauddhanath Stupa -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Bauddhanath Stupa

This also is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is an important landmark in Nepal, there is a gate at the entry of this Stupa and shops and restaurants around stupa for the visitors.  The stupa contains the relics of Kashyappa Buddha, originally built in 5th century the stupa was later renovated in 7th and 8th century. There are three terraces and in all four corners statues of Kings.

  • Kapan Monastery
Kapan Monastery -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Kapan Monastery

This is located to the north of the Bauddhanath Stupa on a hillock. The monastery was erected in1970, and now there are plenty of courses conducted on Tibetan Buddhism, and attended by large number of western country students.

  • Halesi Mahadev, Khotang
Halesi Mahadev Khotang -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal -Halesi Mahadev Khotang

This is a famous Shiva Temple in Khotang district. The unique aspect is that part of the temple is underground in a cave, accessible by staircase. There is also a monastery nearby. The specialty is that this temple is not easily accessible by road but the visitors must hire jeeps from the nearest airfield or reach by walking for 6 hours.

  • Lumbini, Rupandehi
Lumbini Rupandehi -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal -Lumbini, Rupandehi

Lumbini the birthplace of Gautama Buddha is widely popular in the world. Lumbini is also UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lumbini is around 22 Km from Bhairahawa , an industrial town on the India border.

  • Muktinath, Mustong
Muktinath Mustong -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Muktinath, Mustong

This Muktinath temple is at an altitude of 3800 m at the foot of the snow coveredmountain range near Pokhra. Both Hindus and the Buddhists worship at this site. The Mukti Kshetra  is also mentioned in the ancient epics like Ramayana and also in Puranas. The temple is in Pagoda style and dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The fossile stones found in the river are considered to represent Vishnu in stone form and called Shaligram.

  • Gajendra Mokshya Dibyadham or Triveni Nawalparasi
Gajendra Mokshya Dibyadham -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Gajendra Mokshya Dibyadham or Triveni Nawalparasi

Triveni pertains to the place where three streams or rivers meet, at this place Narayani River mixes with Sona and Pancha rivers.  The ashram of the great sage ,Balmiki Ashram is located here where Sita took shelter when she was pregnant . The place is known as Hari-Har Khshetrasacred to the followers of Vishnu and Shiva.

  • Badi Malika, Bajura 
Badimalika Bajura -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Badimalika Bajura

This Goddess Kali’s temple is at an altitude of 3800m in the Bajura district. This is also a Shakti Peeth, where the piece of the body of Shiva’s wife fell.

  • Khaptad Ashram 
Khaptad Ashram -  Temples Of Nepal

Popular temples in Nepal – Khaptad Ashram

Swami Sachidananda Saraswati  who was also known as Khaptad Baba established his ashram and stayed here around 50 years ago. The ashram where he stayed is popularly known as Khaptad Ashram , situated at an altitude of 2923m. There is a national Park here which is full of wide variety of rare species of animals and birds.