The Selfie craze is gaining high heights, there are no signs of slowing the trend. Now it appears, the youth is addicted to capturing a selfie everywhere it goes. The longer the trend runs, the more extreme selfies become! Some people are obsessed with the term selfies, while some are annoyed with the trend wave. Did you know, the authorities of certain places, have banned selfies! If you get caught breaking rules by capturing selfies in these areas, you can be penalized with high fines or jail time. Discover why the beaches of Southern France have banned capturing selfies and South Korean also! Here are list of ‘Popular Places Where Selfies Are Banned’.

  • Lake Tahoe, California
lake tahoe california

Popular Places Where Selfies Are Banned

Image Credit @ Martin G

This area has banned selfies with wild animals. The ban is on ‘Bear Selfies’, yes! People follow the mother bear and baby cub to get the selfie captured, to avoid the incidents getting worse, the authorities have banned Selfies. The visitors are warned that animals might feel crowded and threatened to lash out which can be deadly. After making the rules and regulation, strict with selfies, it remains with public to accept the rules or ruin your experience!

  • Iran

Popular Places Where Selfies Are Banned

Iran is a very conservative country, which has quite specific rules to follow. The authorities of the Iranian Football Federation have banned players, coaches or female fans from posting and posing for such selfies. The prime reason for such a ban comes from short related incidents, as these pictures were used by the female for gaining political gains or to sue players. Women are already banned from attending any male sports in the Islamic Republic.

  • New York

Popular Places Where Selfies Are Banned

New York is the first US state to ban selfie. The state has banned selfies from taking photos of tiger, lion or big cat. The law restricts the visitors to create a direct contact with animals during an animal show or fairs. The law is implemented with prime focus to protect wild animals.

To put in simple words, Tiger Selfie is completely banned, as many male visitors as posing to get a close proximity with the big cats.

  • France: Garoupe

Popular Places Where Selfies Are Banned

The place is also called as ‘No Brag Zone’, which means ‘No Selfies’. The popular beach in southern France has strictly prohibited Selfies. With prime targeting those people who brag about their holidays through Instagram post, Facebook post. The beach is divided into two zone. One as Brag Free, the authorities have been following the ban seriously.

The Garoupe Beach is one of the finest beach of all in France.

  • Saudi Arabia- Mecca
Saudi Arabia

Popular Places Where Selfies Are Banned

Younger generation getting addicted to the selfie trend, while the authorities of Islamic pilgrimage ‘The Hajj’ have tightened the security with the prohibition of capturing selfies. Numerous camera phones have been banned in holy mosque. Last year, a fatwa was issued as a form of unacceptable irreligious self-worship.

They understand that the selfies captured on this journey are a complete distraction from prayers and rituals, which are destroying their tranquility.

We were only aware with the growing trend of selfies, but did we know about Popular Places Where Selfies Are Banned!