Peru is a known tourist spot, with a majority of the population living in urban areas. The population is over 29-million, of which 75.9% are urbanised. Many cities in Peru are termed as commercial and administrative hubs offering job opportunity for people. Here’s a list of ‘Popular Peru Major Cities To Know’.

Lima & Callao

Lima - Peru Major Cities

Popular Peru Major Cities To Know

Lima was founded in the year 1535 by Francisco Pizarro, with an idea to serve as new port and centre for Spanish conquistadors. Peru’s coastal capitals dominate other cities in terms of population. Lima continues to mark its presence with the highest population of around 8-million.While, Peru’s entire population is around 29 million, of which Lima has majorly influence the country.
Callao is a province and city with its own rights, a part which is engulfed by Lima. Today, Callao forms a large part of Lima Metropolitan Area.

Arequipa a city in Peru also known as ‘the White City, is the second largest city in Peru. It was founded in the year 1540 with remains of colonial charms. It is one of 11-UNESCO World Heritage Site in Peru. The Heritage sites are surrounded by dramatic and scenic landscape feature. The city Arequipa, rest on the lower Andes at about 2,335-m above sea level.


Trujilo - Peru Major Cities

Popular Peru Major Cities To Know

Trujillo was founded by Diego De Almagro in the year 1535, it is an economic hub situated on the north coast of Peru. The place was inhabited by native civilisations, while today; it is well-preserved by the colonial core. It also has the famous Colombian ruins Huacas Del Sol Y-De La Luna and Chan Chan in surrounding area. The city is known for its traditional Marinera dancing and delicious cuisine.

Tacna a city located in the extreme south of Peru, the place rest’s 23-miles north of Chilean border. The city is known for its high commercial activity and trading centre. The place is less known for tourist destinations. As its main function is border crossing.


Cusco - Peru Major Cities

Popular Peru Major Cities To Know

Cusco was former capital of Inca Empire. Today, the place is known as a capital of tourist industry. The Machu Picchu and Scared Valley are prime spots of tourist from around the world. With World Heritage sites, the place is a hub of Andean culture and home to several other events and festivals.

Piura, a city is known as ‘City of Eternal Heart’ (Ciudad Del Eterno Calor). It is one of the oldest colonial settlements in South America. It was founded by Francisco Pizarro in the year 1532 located in the extreme north of the country Peru. It is important to stop and step and Piura, if you are travelling to Ecuadorian border. The city is full of colonial structures and pleasant atmosphere around.

Other Largest cities of Peru are
• Ica
• Juliaca
• Sullana
• Puna
• Huaraz
• Tarapoto and so on!