Minnesota is a State in Midwestern United States. The State was created on May 11th 1858, from Minnesota Territory. Minnesota offers a vast range of places to travel with dozens of adventures for travel lovers. One might find world class theatres, museums and number of tourist destinations to hunt for. Explore the beauty of Minnesota to extract the charm of the land!

  • Superior National Forest
Superior National Park - Minnesota Destinations

Popular Minnesota Destinations Not To Miss!

Superior National Forest, located in the northeast part of Minnesota. Town of Ely is also known as the International Wolf Center, which is an excellent place to explore untouched landscape. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is located on the boundary of the two countries and is a great area for kayaking and canoe. The place offers a great deal for wildlife from moose, wolves to bears. It is spread over 3-million acres of land, of which 700 square miles are filled with water bodies.

  • North Shore Drive

This place is popular as Lake of Superiors from Duluth to Thunder Bay, Canada. Along the route one might find several attractions which include Split Rock Lighthouse State park, several waterfalls, lakes and great landscape.

  • St Paul Cathedral

The church was built in the year 1900’s and today it is declared as the National Shrine of Apostle Paul also a renowned pilgrim site. The structure of the church depicts Classical Renaissance and can hold around 3000 people.

  • Voyageurs National Park
Voyageurs National Park - Minnesota Destinations

Popular Minnesota Destinations Not To Miss!

The Voyageurs National Park offers a blend of history and natural beauty. The park is accessed primarily by water or air, and is a wonderful place for canoeing, fishing, boating and other pursuits. The park is also home for several species like bears, moose, loons and many more.

  • Mall of America

The Mall of America is located on the outskirts of St Paul in the suburbs of Bloomington. The Mall was opened in the year 1992, and is titled as largest malls of the United States. The Mall has hundred of shops and dozens of restaurants with amusements and option of theaters and accommodations.

  • Aerial Lift Bridge
Aerial Bridge - Minnesota Destinations

Popular Minnesota Destinations Not To Miss!

Aerial Lift Bridge is also known as Aerial Transfer Bridge. It was built in the year 1905, with a huge gondola which carries 60-tons of traffic from horse drawn wagons to heavy automobiles. The bridge allows people to reach the mainland of Minnesota.

  • Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

The Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is located 20-miles to the northeast of two harbours. It was built in the year 1910, to protect Lake Superior from Shipping. Today, Visitors can tour the lighthouse, foghorn building, tower and keeper’s house.

  • St Cloud Clemens Garden
St Cloud Clemens Garden - Minnesota Destinations

Popular Minnesota Destinations Not To Miss!

The St Cloud Clemens garden is a great place to visit in the city, it is also known as Munsinger Clemens Garden. Approximately, around 80,000 annual plants are featured with setting of trees, swings, fountains, ponds and benches. The Garden gains more popularity over its 1,100 rose bushes with white garden which is devoted to flowering shrubs and white flowers.