In the Pre-Columbian era, the Maya civilization was one of the great civilizations. Apart from Tikal and Chichen Itza, there are other ‘Popular Mayan Archaeological Sites’ which gives brief about the Mayan civilization. Mayan Civilization was spread throughout northern Central America. In 250 -900 AD, was their prime period whence the Mayan city states reached their zenith, it reached peak of Urbanism and there were many large scale constructions, most eminent being the ancient Mayan temples, and these were made in almost all the major cities. However, due to unknown reasons most of these Mayan centres went into oblivion during later centuries being abandoned.

  • Lamanai
Lamanai - Mayan Archaeological Sites

Popular Mayan Archaeological Sites

Lamanai is situated in northern Belize, Lamanai was a considerably large sized Maya city. The ancient ruins show that the site is not completely uncovered so far, the work is centred on the investigation and restoring large structures like the High Temple which is as high as 33 meters.

  • Coba

This is in Mexico, Coba was the largest ancient Maya city which once housed   almost 50000 people at its peak. Most of the monuments built were between 500 and 900 AD. Till the arrival of the Spanish new temples were built and old ones were repaired, Coba has many large temple pyramids. Nohoch Mul Pyramid, which is 42 meters high being the tallest.

  • Caracol

This is a largest Maya site in Belize, located at 500 meters above sea level in Vaca Plateau. Once the site was quite large, covering almost 168 square kilometres. The site was so large that it is estimated to have accommodated around 150000 people. The largest pyramid is 43 meters high and is the tallest man-made structure in Belize.

  • Tulum

In ancient days, the place served as a major port of the Mayan. It is situated on the east coast of Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula. It was built around 1200AD, it was a period, when the Mayan Civilization was declining, which was the prime reason why such sites were not known by major tourists. The beach at the backdrop of the site makes the place more stunning.

  • Palenque
Palenque - Mayan Archaeological Sites

Popular Mayan Archaeological Sites

It is an archaeological site which is located on the western edge, Chiapas, Mexico of the present day. Palenque is much smaller as compared to other cities. The place holds finest sculptures, architectures produced by Maya. The place dates from 600AD to 800AD, the only Mesoamerican pyramid, which was built as a funerary monument.

  • Calakmul

A Mayan site hidden within the jungle. It is one of the largest Mayan city with 6,500 ancient structures. The 180-feet high pyramid is also one of the largest Mayan pyramid. The size of the pyramid was increased by building upon the existing temple.

  • Uxmal
Uxmal - Mayan Archaeological Sites

Popular Mayan Archaeological Sites

The word Uxmal means ‘built three times’. It is one of the well preserved and most recognized sites in Mexico. The 115-feet high Pyramid is the tallest structure. The layers of the shrine pyramid are not like regular rectangle, sort, but of oval type. The structure appears in 5-Phases, which depicts periodically from 6th century to 10th century.