California’s south part experience warm weather. This is the reason, why best waterparks are found in this area. Often, these places are crowded in sunny days as these places are prime location to enjoy! Here is a list of ‘Popular California Waterparks To Visit’.

  • Wild Water Adventure Park
Wild Water Adventure Park - California Waterparks

Popular California Waterparks To Visit

The Wild Water Adventure Park is quite popular waterpark in California. Several rides in the waterpark, makes the park more attractive. GhostSlider a slide which will make your adrenaline rush, the slide sends guest zipping down in a large super bowl before you are dropped at center of pool. The Park is located in central California, several events are conducted, including movie screening or night parties. Slide-boarding was introduced which is a blend of water slide and video game.

  • Raging Waters

The Raging Water is the largest waterpark located in Southern California, surrounded by beautiful landscapes on acres of land in San Dimas. The park grabs popularity due to its 36-interesting water slides and other attractions. The Flowrider is famous ride, a rider has to ride on atop of Boogie Board or surfboard. Other rides which are popular are Dark Hole, Amazon Adventure, Thunder Rapids, Bermuda Triangle and many more. A great place for vacation or one day trip.

  • Island WaterPark

The Island Water Park offers huge wave pool, named as a Copacabana Cove. Separate area ad water slides for Children’s and adults. A best place for entire family, to celebrate birthday treat or family outings. Popular rides to name are Acapulco Dive, Tokyo Typhoon, Singapore Tsunami, North Shore Wipeout and many more.

  • Waterworld California
California Waterparks

Popular California Waterparks To Visit

The Break Point Plunge is the popular ride which speeds through a high height of 270-feet as a long loop course. The goodness doesn’t end here! Wave pool and other amazing slide attractions will mesmerize you.

  • Magic Mountain Hurricane Harbor

This park was opened in the year 2010, the Hurricane Harbor offers exciting water adventures in Southern part of California. The park is located in Los Angeles, which is also a part of Six Flags. Few of the popular rides to name are Tornado, Lizard Lagoon, Water Slide Complex and Black Snake Summit. The park is surrounded by several hotels to make a two-three day trip. Definitely wonderful place to plan for a vacation.

  • Aquatica San Diego

Taumata Racer, one of the popular rides in Aquatica San Diego. The ride slides down from 375-feet racing height in 180-degree angle which turns before zipping across the finish line. Other rides too are amazing, few are heart pumper, but worth to try!

  • Knott’s Soak City
California Knott Soak City Waterpark - California Waterparks

Popular California Waterparks To Visit

Knott’s Soak City amusement park is one of the largest waterparks in California. There are 3-nott’s waterpark, visitors can opt for either location located in San Diego, Springs or Orange Country. Visiting any one of these three options will give you loads of thrill and amusement. Rides like La Revolution, Screaming Swing, Rip Tide, Wind Seeker and many more are worth riding. There are Camp Snoopy and few other activities for children’s. Also, one can find a huge option of water slides to count! No wonder it is considered as one of the best waterparks in California.