When: 3rd and 4th October 2015

Where: Nashik

Mudathon India! This Sounds quiet new and exciting. Yes, Mudathon India 2015 is an event organized on 4th and 3rd of October 2015. It is held in Nashik, offering the perfect platform to test your stamina and reflexes, to cross exciting adrenaline rushing games. Getting out of one’s comfort zone and pulling out unique challenges with bundle of joy is what Mudathon will offer.

About the event:

If you love jumping in the Mud like a child, smelling the roughness of mud, playing various games and then living in the memories again. Thousands of people will join the event to spend quality of time.


Play Jump Crawl Mudathon India 2015

Activities Involved

The event is held over 100-acres of land. The beautiful landscape is a great place to arrive with a group of friends, also the other 12-monstorous activities will push you to another level of happiness. One can choose any activity from 12-different options, to be completed within the limited time-frame. Wining different activities might award you grand prizes.

At the end of the day, grooving to hit numbers of Bollywood song will make your day more fantastic. Here is a list of activities one can participate in Mudathon 2015.

  • Babwire
  • Wood hurdle
  • Stairs
  • Soap Water
  • Rope Ramp
  • Super Slide
  • Ice Tank
  • Pull Over and many more.

Other activities one enjoy are

  • Mud Party
  • Chocolate Wrestling
  • Camping
  • Mud therapy
  • Camping

Play Jump Crawl Mudathon India 2015

Level of Difficulty – Moderate

Timing to Check-In: Day 01- 10:00AM

Check-Out: Day 02: 9:00 AM

How to reach?

Reaching from these location is closest:

  • Surat – 240Km
  • Pune -211Km
  • Mumbai – 170Km
  • Thane – 146Km

How to participate?

Note to participate in the Mud event spread over 100-acres of land, you must have 4-people (Team of 4) to join the event.

No disappointment if you are alone- Run! Jump! Push yourself to greatest limit and fight to win over the hurdles.

What to carry with you?

  • Well-fitted set of clothes
  • Towel
  • First Aid Box
  • Cash and entry ticket