‘Change is for a betterment’ a popular quote by an Anonymous. Yes! Everything comes with an expiry period, nothing is permanent. Unfortunately the same gets applied to the fascinating places around the globe. There are few places in India, which are said to be get vanish or disappear soon! Here are ‘Places To Visit In India Before They Vanish’.

  • Haryana – Rakhigarhi
Rakhigarhi - Places To Visit In India

Places To Visit In India Before They Vanish

If you are fascinated by history chapters and historical place, then this is a place you must visit. The Rakhigarhi is a place which is on the phase of eroding.

The place was known as one of the largest city during the Indus Valley Civilization, it’s also known as one of the India’s prized possessions. Due to lack of management, maintenance, and neglect resulted in threat of development.

The site was also declared endangered Heritage Site dating back to 5,000 years in Asia.

  • Tamil Nadu – Ram Setu

Ram Setu is said to be a man-made reputed bridge with its reference from Epic Ramayana. The bridge starts from India’s Dhanushodi tip in Pamban Island and ends at Sri-Lanka at Mannar Island. The Ram Setu was once a land connection or say a bridge connecting India and Sri-Lanka. Over the years, the bridge got submerge underwater, the place is expected to vanish soon according to the Geological predictions.

  • Ladakh – Dechen Namgyal Monastery
Ladakh Dechen Namgyal Monastery - Places To Visit In India

Places To Visit In India Before They Vanish

A Monastery, which dates back from the 17th century is located in charming piece of land ‘Ladakh’. The Dechen Namgyal Monastery was constructed under the rule of Ladakh’s king Sengge Namgyal with Tibetan Priest Stag – Tsang – Ras – Pa.

The architecture of structure echoes impressive shade of history and monastic layout. The Monastery has charming sculptures and wall paintings. Due to lack of funds, insufficient repairs will soon turn the place to vanish!

  • Shrinking Wular Lake

The Wular Lake in Jammu Kashmir is known as one of the largest Freshwater lakes in Asia. Several water sports like water skiing, boating are conducted as a part of tourism. But however, the Lake faces environmental hazards due to hunting of waterfowl, pollution and many more. The size of the lake still remains a matter of question.

  • Kothi – Qila Mahmudabad
Kothi - Places To Visit In India

Places To Visit In India Before They Vanish

The Kothi landmark belongs to the 17th century. The historical place is mesmerizing example of royal Awadhi Architecture and reflects great historical significance. The landmark has played a significant role in First World War 1857. After which the structure was destroyed by the British.

Over years, the palace was rebuilt. It had finest libraries in Arabic & Urdu. It is difficult to say the place will survive in the coming years, the place is expected to disappear soon. The structure is spread on 67,650-square feet, has faced several seismic damage and negligence, which resulted it to rank among one of the Heritage structures under endangered site list.

  • Majuli
Majuli - Places To Visit In India

Places To Visit In India Before They Vanish

Majuli is one of the largest river island located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. The nature offers scenic landscape and rich cultural heritage around. A cherry on the cake to add, the place is surrounded by skiing destinations.

The place is likely to get submerged soon in the coming 10-20-years due to the erosion of Brahmaputra. The 1950’s earthquake resulted in river spill, which created a huge impact on the island. The island is difficult to protect due to floodwater destruction and also other reasons to note.

  • Chitkan Castle
Chiktan Castle - Places To Visit In India

Places To Visit In India Before They Vanish

If you had a dream to visit those Disney movies Castle on atop of the hill, then you need to visit this place. Chiktan Castle in Kargil was royal residence hundred years ago, which was constructed a 16th century ago. It depicts fine dexterity of Balti craftsmen. The Castle reflected symbol of unity, community and strength.

The Castle was abandoned by the 19th century, which once was the pride of the state. Huge parts of the walls have collapsed over years. Negligence and insufficient funds have turned the castle into a ruin. The structure is also listed under endangered Heritage site.

  • Balpakram Forest

The Forest is located in South Garo Hills, District of Meghalaya. The hill is known as resting place of departed souls, strange formations are noticed and said to be formed in this area. Over years the forest is vanishing due to lack of water and cultivation for coal mines.