If you are in search of a vacation destination, a place with a blend of old & new world, then definitely you must mention Guatemala. Guatemala is a country, rich with a blend of cultures from Maya people and Spain. Its natural beauty and history makes the place a unique, exotic tourist destination to visit with scenic sites. Here are most impressive ‘Places To Visit In Guatemala’.

  • El Mirador
Guatemala El Mirador - Places To Visit In Guatemala

Places To Visit In Guatemala

The El Mirador is a city, flourished from about the 6th century BC more commonly known as Mayan city. The city got abandoned by the end of the 9th century. The ruins were discovered in the year 1926, which didn’t receive needful spotlight, due to its location deep within the jungle. Even today, the site is not easily accessible, and hence it is not recommended to visit for the faint of heart. Reaching the site is definitely not easy, one must take gruelling 5-days trek and 4-nights passing through deep jungle full of mosquitoes, ants, and ticks. A journey with not so easy path will surely will be one of the memorable!

  • Livingstone

The Livingstone is one of the gems situated on the Caribbean coast, and can only be reached by boat. It is the hub of Garifuna culture, where tourist can experience by local music and local menu. Evening at this place is full of excitement with regional dance.

  • Volcan Pacaya
Volcan Pacaya - Places To Visit In Guatemala

Places To Visit In Guatemala

Volcan Pacaya is an active volcano, which erupted in May 27, 2010. The place has opportunities of hiking opened for public. One must be strong to opt for this place, the site is not recommended for light heart people, but after climbing Volcan Pacaya one can enjoy magnificent view of this place.

  • Flores

It is located on Peten Itza Lake which is connected by a causeway, to its other side is a twin tower of San Benito and Santa Elena. It was on the Island of Flores, the last independent Maya state was held out against the conquerors of Spanish. The main reason to visit Guatemala is Maya ruins, colonial buildings, cobblestone streets, churches and so.

  • Monterrico

Monterrico is an off-beat place located on the coast of Guatemala. A place covered with black sand, volcanic beaches, and a definitely great place to escape from a hectic schedule.

Only good swimmers are allowed to enter the beach as the Pacific currents and tides make the water rough to surf for beginners or non-swimmers. While, if you are conservationist or environmentalist, then saving the sea turtle will be your main aim of visiting this place!

  • Chichicastenango Market

The Chichicastenango Market is known as ‘Chichi’, a popular shopping destination of Guatemala. The place can be reached in 2-3 hours from Guatemala City. A market with wide variety of fabrics, wood-crafted items, firework, pottery, mask and many more. A place to visit to enjoy feasts and fiestas for tourist to welcome.

  • Lago De Atitlan
Guatemala Lake Atitlan - Places To Visit In Guatemala

Places To Visit In Guatemala

The Lake Atitlan is known as the most beautiful lake around the world situated in Guatemala. The city of Pananajachel is popular for the Mayan world with ancient culture around. A beautiful area with tourist attractions, scuba diving and many more.

  • Tikal
Tikal - Places To Visit In Guatemala

Places To Visit In Guatemala

Tikal, located in rainforest in northern Guatemala. It is one of the top tourist attractions and also an ancient wonders. The word ‘Tikal’ means ‘Places of Voices’, once the place were inhabited by millions of people. All that is left in this place is Mayan ruins, today the place is surrounded by full of moneys, deers, parrots and macaws.