The Petronas Twin Tower is a known popular site, also called as Petronas Tower. It is among tallest famous building, which is also rated as one of the top 10 tallest building around the world. Being one of the famous spots, the place is considered as hot spot under tourist destination. The building was considered as tallest building from 1998 to 2004, from the base of the structure. Presently, it is one of the known landmark I Kuala Lumpur.

About the twin tower

The Twin Tower of 1,482-feet height, constructed and designed by Argentinean Architect Cesar Pelli. The construction of the tower started in the year 1992, but gradually construction started in March 1993. The construction was then completed by the year 1998. The construction was done on ideal location from the depth of the racetrack.

The Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur had 22-floors less than World Trade Centre building of New York. To put in straight words, the twin tower has around 88-floors, while WTC had 110-floors. The Twin Tower is constructed with touch of Islamic Architecture on each floor, it is based on an 8-point star, while the building is spread on 100-acres of land.

petronas twin tower

Petronas Twin Tower An Architectural Wonder

The tower comprises of commercial offices and shopping mall, also with a variety of works. The lowest or bottom floor is occupied with shopping mall. The tower is built with steel, glass, concrete with modern design and latest techniques to increase durability. A special sort of concrete was used in building this twin tower for adding more reliability, hence the steel used weighs double than the normal steel used in other construction.

The concrete was poured from greatest feat, it holds the record of longest pour in the nation’s history. The pour was done at 54th consecutive hours for each tower. The idea behind the construction of Twin Tower with the mirror material was to reach the high tech ambition with advance stainless steel.

Striking Events in History Of the twin tower

  • Felix Baumgartner was the person who set the world record under Base Jumping. On 15th April 1999, jumped off a window cleaning crane on the tower.
  • On 12th September 2001, after bomb threat thousands of people were evacuated. After which, Bomb Disposal Squad did not found any bomb in the twin tower.
Petronas Twin-Towers

Petronas Twin Tower An Architectural Wonder

  • A fire broke on 4th November 2005, outside the Cinema complex of KLCC Suria Shopping Mall. No death or injuries were reported at the incident.
  • An Urban Climber ‘Alian Robert’, popularly named as Spiderman. He climbed with his bare hands and feet with no safety devices, within 2-hours he was arrested.

Untold Facts

The Petronas Twin Tower was known as the tallest tower for six-years until, Taipei 101 structure which got completed in 2004. The height is measured as a complete structural components, which do not include antennas. Willis Tower and World Trade Centre were then considered as tallest structure which supposedly broke the records. Willis Tower was then declared as tallest with antenna, the height was around 247-feet. The Willis Tower was considered as tallest then Petronas Tower, but however the Willis tower was then sacked from the list as accordance with CTBUH guidelines and regulations.

Presently, the Petronas Twin Tower features Suria KLCC, KLCC Park, Sky-bridge, Lift System and many more. Undoubtedly it has earned huge number of visitors from around the globe.

petronas twin towers kuala lumpur

Petronas Twin Tower An Architectural Wonder


The Sky-Bridge is a double decker bridge, connecting 41st and 42nd floors. It is not attached to the tower, but uniquely designed inside and outside of the tower, in such a way which prevents from breaking. The Bridge is 558-feet above the ground and 190-feet long, weighing around 750-tons. The floor is known as Podium, visitors going to this higher level can switch to elevators. The Sky-Bridge is open to visitors, around 1000-people visit the place per day. The Bridge is also considered as a safety device in case of fire exit or so.

The Petronas Twin Tower is considered as amazing architectural structure and stands prominently as famous architectural wonder around the globe.