Peterhof Palace is one of the most popular and most visited sites in Russia. The Peterhof Palace consist of a series of palaces and gardens. It was popularly called ‘Summer Residence’ of the Emperor in the 18th century. At initial stage, it was a simple hut beside Baltic Sea for relaxation purpose, but then the hut was gradually transformed into a grand palace in French style.

About The Palace

peterhof palace

Peterhof Palace An Amazing Piece Of Architecture

The Peterhof Palace is also known as Petrodvorets, which was founded in the year 1714 by Peter the Great. The palace is the inspiration of Versailles. But the fountain was his own idea, which was developed and built on a grand scale. Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Leblond – the architect was also French. The Palace and garden around has around 176-fountains which are connected by a huge network of water pipes. Tsar would often visit the palace and relax.

The prime attraction of Peterhof is Lower Park, which has 4-cascades and 150-water fountains. The Great Cascade is most amazing located in front of the Great Imperial Palace. The Great Imperial is the main palace proudly standing for 200-years from the year 1714. The site was nationalized by special announcement issued by the ‘Vladimir Lenin’. The fountains at ‘Great Cascade’ is truly breath-taking, the complete composition is dedicated the victory of Sweden. It is adorned with statues of Roman & Greek gods and their respective heroes. The interior is fabulous too!



Peterhof Palace An Amazing Piece Of Architecture


Peterhof Palace An Amazing Piece Of Architecture

Peterhof Palace (2)

Peterhof Palace An Amazing Piece Of Architecture

The Main Hall is designed by FB Rastrelli, it is a baroque hall of Elizabethan times. The ceiling of the palace is carved from wood, beautifully painted with shining colours. Special material of wood, mirrors and titled stoves with special marquetry techniques were used in designing the hall. The hall was then redesigned by Y.Velten in the year 1770’s in complete classical style.

After visiting the luxurious interiors, one can visit the elegantly designed and built fountains. There are several fountains across the Peterhof Palace. The Adam & Eve Fountain, Roman Fountain, Dragon Hill Cascade, Lion Cascade, Golden Hill Cascade, Pyramid Fountain, Sun Fountain and so. The Sheaf Fountain is another amazing work to catch. It is situated in front of Monplaisir Palace. In French the word ‘mon plaisir’ means ‘my pleasure’, indeed visiting the great Palace with such amazing water fountain is sheer pleasure.

fountain of palace

Peterhof Palace An Amazing Piece Of Architecture

Around Lower Park there are several little palaces. The Hermitage and Marly are created with a special touch, and offers great fun to wander around flowers, bridges, pavilions and so. Reserving a day for Peterhof Palace is totally worth.

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