Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary situated in the eastern part of Goa. The Wildlife Sanctuary is named after Neturli and Zuari River. The Tributary Netravali is considered as an important source of fresh water. The place is 75Km from the capital of Goa Panaji. The area has developed as one of the major tourist attractions.

About the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 211.05 square kilometre. Then combining the Madei Wildlife Sanctuary it covers around 420-square kilometre. The extended area, then falls between the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, in its North and to t south is Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. The lush greenery dominates the area and grabs major attention. Its moist-deciduous forest scattered with evergreen trees and semi evergreen trees around. The main fauna for which the Wildlife Sanctuary is popular is King Cobra, Giant Squirrels, Black Panthers, Great Pied Hornbills, Slender Loris and so on.

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary A Not So Known Place

Recently, the Goa tourism has undertaken the Wildlife Sanctuary development on front foot, they are taking care of not only accommodation but also of food. Gradually the place is developing into an ideal place to spot rare and exotic species of wild animals in their natural habitat. This Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by mountains ad also considered as a religiously significant place.

Best Time to visit?

If you are planning to drop a visit anytime soon, then visiting between the months of October to March is favourable.

Other Attractions to Note:


Apart from its moist-deciduous rich green and semi-green forest. Several types of trees can be spotted at this place. It is also a major attraction for nature-enthusiast, trekkers, wildlife lovers and people who prefer adventurous short break. The Government had declared the area as Sanctuary to protect the forest reserve.

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary A Not So Known Place


The Wildlife Par is home to several endangered wild species. Rare Notable animals like Black Panther, Cobras, and others can be spotted here.

The place has gained great reputation over the years for its stunning wildlife and forestation. High range of mountain adds charm to the Sanctuary. It is tucked away from Kali River and offers a tourist adventurous place. Safaris are also conducted at this place, but NWS holds the rights to cancel the safari for bad weather condition, non-availability of vehicle and so for other reasons.

Another attraction to note is Bubble Pond, kids love to the quaint water body. A complete picturesque place to visit.


There are several accommodations available at this place for tourist. Luxury resorts, economical accommodation are also easily available. Few are provided by Goa Tourist Development Corporation.

Netravali Sanctuary

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary A Not So Known Place

How to reach?

By Air: Dabolim Airport is the nearest airport which is 65Km far from sanctuary

By Rail: Margao is the nearest railway station 45Km away

By Road: Roads are well-connected in Goa, opting for road journey is anytime better!