Mu Cang Chai is terraced Rice field located in the district of Yen Bai province, Vietnam. The place is 300 km north of Ha Noi at Vietnam in northern-east. The place is inhabited by Thai community and H’Mong. The main attraction in the place is its Rice Terraced field which adds charm to the place. It is a dream place for many photographers to capture stunning images which depicts a tale of its own!

What makes this place special? Well, the place Mu Cang Chai is 1000-meter above sea level located on a steep hill. Growing Rice fields at such high hill is almost impossible in such delta region. To overcome impossible tale to possible, the residents started planting their own rice on the delta field. The local people started growing rice on the terraced field with a good purpose of preventing water flowing to downhill.

Mu cang chai Vietnam

Mu Cang Chai Prodigious Terraced Rice Field

The Place adds more charm during harvest season, the clear blue sky with mysterious crisp fog give treat. The imposing scenery might make your trip a memorable trip one. Harvest Season adds more colour to the place, the crops which are ready to be plucked change to yellow colour while new crops remain green. The place is gaining wide number of visitors from around the world. The place is getting popularity and attracting trekkers and photographers.

The Guard boxes and Wooden Houses are the prime attraction between the rice terrace fields.

mu cang chai

Mu Cang Chai Prodigious Terraced Rice Field

Best Time To Visit:

August To October is the best period to visit. It’s the harvest season, which adds different colour in the terraced fields.


About the Place:

The Mu Cang Chai is one of the most beautiful and unique landscape of terraced rice fields in Asia. The Place is not so known for the global masses, and generally limited to the Sapa. The place can be travelled by car in a single day.

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