Greece trip is often considered as incomplete without dropping a visit to most popular Greece Island ‘Santorini’. The blue-domed structure with white wash adds a different charm to the village. Today, the place attracts several visitors from around the world. There are other Greek Island too, but not that popular like ‘Santorini’. Here is a list of ‘Most Underrated Beautiful Greek Islands’.

  • Evia

Evia, not so known under Tourist Island. But is located not far from the coast, it has several relaxing and dining options with different architectural monuments. The Evia Island is quite busy during the summer, if you are quite social & outgoing, then stepping on this Island in such season is recommended. Spending some quality of time in the water with tides will make your mood delightful! Trela Nera is a natural wonder with picturesque surroundings.

Evia - Beautiful Greek Islands

Most Beautiful Underrated Greek Islands

  • Karpathos

If you are one of the traveller, who like to take get the depth of info about the place, then visiting Karpathos is the best choice to make. The Island will offer a glimpse of Greek history, villages their traditional clothing with traditional houses. A huge architectural history of the Island with a mesmerizing landscape can be visited. The Island is worth to visit!

Karpathos - Beautiful Greek Islands

Most Underrated Beautiful Greek Islands

  • Thasos

This Island is recommended for people who are more interested in visiting cinematic beach life. Yes, Thasos is a place where such traveller need to land. Several outdoor adventures are conducted round the year by local agents. Mountain biking, casual ridding can be done to make your trip fun filled one! Thasos is basically not a traditional Greek Island, but a place with more natural landscape one should not miss!

Thasos - Beautiful Greek Islands

Most Underrated Beautiful Greek Islands

  • Naxos

An Island known for musical powers. Greeks, music is serene and definitely intoxicating. The local music which is carried from centuries is magical charm, which is also considered to be dragging several tourists to this Greek Island. If you want an unforgettable and unbridled musical experience, then heading toward Naxos must be definitely on your tour plan! A sweet warning to be reminded! If you stop and listened to a family event, then you will be invited for stay with plentiful amounts of wine.

Naxos- Beautiful Greek Islands

Most Underrated Beautiful Greek Islands

  • Zakynthos

If you are an environmentalist, then visiting this Island will make your day. Zakynthos offers several organisation to help in protecting the precious nature’s treasure on this precious island. Snorkelling at this place is considered world class. Well, if you are planning for great night life, then this island is probably not for you!

Zakynthos - Beautiful Greek Islands

Most Underrated Beautiful Greek Islands