Incredible India! If you are Indian you will relate to this post, while if you are planning to visit India, you will find more reasons why to visit India once in a Lifetime. India is full of mysteries, surrounded by many questions. Here are some places in India, which are famous as ‘Haunted Places’. Let’s dig on ‘Most Haunted Places In India’.

The debate whether ghost exist or not, is endless. But here is a list of some places which are termed as haunted due to their part of history associated with it.

  • Rajasthan: Bhangarh Fort
Bhangarh fort

Most Haunted Places In India – Bhangarh fort

Bhangarh Fort opens the list of ‘Most Haunted Places In India’. The story associated with the fort goes like, a ‘Tantrik’ cast a black magic spell on the palace and people who resided in the palace. Visitors, visiting place is warned and restricted not to enter the fort after sunset, due to the paranormal activities happening inside. There are several stories about this fort revolving around, some also believe if a roof is built on the fort, it collapses in quick time!

  • Meerut :GP Block
GP Block

Most Haunted Places In India- GP Block

No mention of this place under ‘Most Haunted Places In India’, will make the list incomplete. A number of bizarre incidents keep on happening, the place is reported with full of spirits. Few people have also have also reported that they have experienced the bizarre, evil spirit of four men drinking in the double-storeyed building. There have also been a few other instances, when people have reported that they have seen the red dress girl stepping out of GP Block.

  • Hyderabad : Ramoji Film City
Ramoji Film City

Most Haunted Places In India – Ramoji Film City

If you are with false presumptions that ghost only live in old and lost ruin buildings, then you are wrong. There are lot of hotels which have reported haunted activities happening around. According to locals the land belongs to Nizam Sultan, where quite bad incidents have happened. People have not only reported spooky figures, but also mysterious shadows, the sound of knocking and so.

  • Assam : Jatinga Valley
Jatinga Valley

Most Haunted Places In India- Jatinga Valley

No exact reason has been given by locals about why this place is called haunted. Undoubtedly, Jatinga is a beautiful valley in Assam, during September over a particular area, large number of birds migrate to this zone, and mysteriously commit suicide on every no-moon day. The birds that migrate to these area, none of them flies back alive. The prime reason of suicides is still not figured out?

  • Mumbai: D’Souza Chawl of Mahim
DSouza Chawl Mahim

Most Haunted Places In India – DSouza Chawl Mahim

According to the people around, long ago a woman fell in the well while drawing water and died, after the incident even today her ghost can be seen around. The Chawl is quite a famous haunted place.

  • Gujarat :Dumas Beach
dumas beach

Most Haunted Places In India – Dumas beach

This will scare shit out of you! Oops! But yes, the beach is not referred as a tourist destination, the beach was used as a burial ground by Hindu several years ago. Even today the people can hear spirits talking to each other or so. You can clearly hear a whispering

sound while taking a stroll over the beach. But many people have reported missing, locals warn you not to visit this place ever.

  • Goa: Church of Three Kings
Three king church

Most Haunted Places In India- Three king church

The Church of Three Kings is located in Cansulim Village. According to the locals, the church is haunted spot. The tale behind the church is, Portuguese King murdered two other kings, and then committed suicide.

  • Rajasthan: Kuldhara

Most Haunted Places In India-Kuldhara

Kuldhara yet another haunted place after Bhangar Fort. The place is believed to be cursed and is abandoned. Some believe the last person who lived there disappeared suddenly. The local will tell you a tale that is believed to be true with this place. According to them a minister married a beautiful girl from the same village, but the villagers opposed to their marriage. The minister then threatened to double the tax, all villagers migrated to a different piece of land, leaving an undying spell on the land.

  • West Bengal: Aleya Ghost Light
Aleya Ghost Light

Most Haunted Places In India – Aleya Ghost Light

Many people have spotted Ghost light in the marshes of West Bengal. No scientific reasons have been given for these mysterious lights spotted. Some believe the lights are fishermen’s spirits who died in those areas.

  • Delhi : Agrasen Ki Baoli
Agrasen-Ki-Baoli (1)

Most Haunted Places In India – Agrasen Ki Baoli

The stepped well at this place, was once filled with black water, which entice people to commit suicide. Even today, the place is believed to be cast by evil spirit post sunset.

  • Delhi : Feroz Shah Kotla
feroz shah kotla

Most Haunted Places In India- feroz shah kotla

This place is too scary. Local believe that young girls or women’s must not be unattended at this place in the ruins of Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. Many people have reported that the evil spirit around the place attack women and later haunt them. It is also said that the spirits in that place like to be offered sweets, sounds scary!

  • Pune: Shaniwarwada Fort

Most Haunted Places In India – Shaniwar-wada

Last but not list on the list of ‘Most Haunted Places In India’. The Shaniwarwada Fort is believed to be haunted fort, the wall depicts a unique tale to tell! According to the history of the fort, a young prince was murdered inside the wall of the fort. And even today the spirit of prince is seen in the fort on a full-moon day to avenge his death. People are not allowed to enter the fort after the sunset.

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