India, Incredible India! The Land of god. India is rich with its tradition and culture. The richness of India can be seen from its diversity of culture, tradition, food and so. Temple, forts, caves, historical monuments are famous. Villages of India is not far behind from gaining light of fame for its ecstasy scenic landscapes. Among thousands of villages spread in interiors of state, ‘Mohammadpur Umri’, has earned a strange name.

Mohammadpur Umri sounds normal, now you must be wondering what makes this village that strange. Well, yes, on hearing the reason what makes this village different from other will astonish you. The Village is also known as ‘Twin Capital of World’. Still, wondering what is strange, well let’s not drag more suspense into this. Let’s focus on detail!

Twin Capital:

Mohammadpur is small village located near at short distance from Allahabad. Allahabad is the place where you will find convergence of Holy Yamuna and Ganga River. The village is referred to ‘Twin Capital’, because it is highest producers of twins, perhaps in world. This might sound surprising, but this place do exist. There is no piece of Science or Mythological story behind this, the main cause for this is still hidden.

Mohammadpur Umri: Twin Capital of World

Mohammadpur Umri: Twin Capital of World

Mohammadpur Umri a Village:

It is small village where Base of Airport is situated near Bamrauli. The total population of the village is over 2,500 approximately. While of this, Twin population is over 600 or so. Isn’t this surprising. The section of surprise does not end here. As per the research and survey conducted on this village, even the animal residing in the village give birth to twins. Now this is amazing! With this amazing fact, the village has not only entered in Limca Book of India Record, but also under world record.

Myth or Fact:

The story of twins with Mohammadpur Umri started 50-years ago, at same time the base of Air Force was established on that land. Some locals believe the experimentation caused the twinning gene in human, while researchers discard this belief. Some believe there is something unique in the soil and water of that land, which produces this number of twins. Researcher conducting survey and study also refuse with this belief too.

Perhaps this might be due to God’s Gift, the story gets fascinating when you find Twin buffaloes and cow in this village. Also the locals believe that hen too lay eggs which has double yolks. Oh Man! Extremely unbelievable.

Mohammadpur Umri: Twin Capital of World

Mohammadpur Umri: Twin Capital of World

Genetic magic?

After this place got exposed under media zone, many researchers team flown at this place to grab DNA sample, to perform research and experiments. We all know, Identical twins gets developed from one-single fertilised egg. Some, researchers concluded that marriage between relatives might be reason for this twin producing fact. But the locals refused to accept this reason, as according to them marriage is done between with people from outside this village.

The main reason what makes this land reproduce twins is still not known. But this is for sure, after landing on this identical twin capital land of Mohammadpur Umri, scope of confusion will increase!