Mesa Verde National Park is on the plateau near Colorado based on an altitude of 2600 meters. This is well preserved prehistoric settlement built between 6th and 12th century. There are almost 4400 sites recorded inclusive of the villages built on top. There are more than 100 rooms built of stone.  Mesa Verde is ancestral Pueblo Indian residences. This spectacular landscape is a unique example of archaeological laboratory for insight into the culture of Ancestral Puebloan people.

Mesa Verde Park Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park An Archaeological Site In The United States

The Mesa Verde National Park has more than 600 cliff dwellings made from sandstone and mud mortar. There is a multi-storey Cliff Palace, a Balcony House and Square Tower House along with the other sites discovered so far. These vary in size from small dwelling units to large villages of 50 to 200 rooms. There are plenty of other archaeological sites in mesa which range from small pit house to masonry walled dwellings of varying size and appearances. The Mesa Verde site also has some non-residential structures such as farming terraces, dams, reservoirs and ditches, shrines along with few rock art features.

The National Park is a unique structure which provide an excellent example of the ancient culture and traditions of Native American tribes. They depict link between the ancient ad present ways of life of the Puebloan People residing in the southwest area of America.

Mesa Verde national park

Mesa Verde National Park An Archaeological Site In The United States

The Mesa Verde national Park is authentic as within the boundaries of the property there are all the elements having the habitation and non-habitation sites that throw light on the settlement patterns. The size of the property is sufficient to ensure the total representation of features. Large sections of sandstone structures and the mud mortar made multi-storey building have survived till date and has remained intact. These remains of the ruins express and reflect the expertise of the ancient Pueblo architects and construction workers. Research on these have provided vital information of the lifestyle and settlements of the ancient

The Park was established in 1906, and covers 52485 acres of land, this was the first archaeological area in the world that was recognized and protected in this form. Increased erosion due to climatic conditions and calamities like fire, is a constant threat to the rich cultural traditions in the site of Mesa Verde Park. The Federal Government has given the highest level of protection to the Mesa Verde National Park, the staff engaged in the Park has regular consultation on the materials as well as the preservation of the resources.

There is a long term preservation plan of the 600 alcove sites in the park through the Archaeological Site Conservation Program in the year 1994. There is also a General Management Plan made in 1979 for maintaining and protection of Mesa Verde National Park. There are continuous attempts to enhance information and assessment of conditions and documentation in management decisions and materials.

Mesa Verde Park

Mesa Verde National Park An Archaeological Site In The United States

There is a dire need to protect resources from erosion and other damage from the climatic adversities and possible damage from fire. The authorities must also ensure that any development in the surrounding area of the Park must not have an adverse impact on the value and integrity of the property.

The Mesa Verde National Park is a World Heritage Site and is protected site in the United States.