Incredible India! India has several states, each state reflects its own tradition and culture, still united to serve nation. Meghalaya is a state to the North-east part of India. The name ‘Meghalaya’, word is derived from Sanskrit language which means ‘abode of clouds’. The state is around 22,430 wide. The state shares its border with Bangladesh. Meghalaya was part of Assam previously, but then after 1972, district like Garo, Jaintia, Khasi then united to become a state called Meghalaya.

Meghalaya: Abode Of Clouds

Meghalaya: Abode Of Clouds

Meghalaya is known as wettest state in India, as avg. rainfall recorded is around 1200cm each year. The state with 22,430 area has around 70% of forest land. The state is significantly known for its commercial forestry. The state is also one of the ‘Seven Sister States’ of North-East part of India. The state is rich with its culture, natural resources, minerals and of course it’s beautiful landscapes of valley, waterfall and mountains.

Things to visit:

If you are planning to visit Meghalaya, here are few things. Meghalaya not so known land like Delhi or Kolkata, but offers deep landscape beauty that such famous cities too fail to give.

  • Living Root Bridge:

Living Root Bridge is stunning man-made one of the natural wonders. The Khasi tribes trimmed and grew those root in such way, so that those ancient rubber tree bend to provide a wooden bridge. The wooden tree bridge gets damaged in monsoon, while it then takes 15-years for new wooden tree bridge to grow big enough. There are several living tree bridges, some are believed to be more than 100-years old, and no experiments of carbon dating have been performed to know their exact age.

Cherrapunji Living Root Bridges

Ummunoi Root Bridge

Umshiang Double Decker Root Bridge and many more. These are few famous tourist spots for living tree rot bridges and also natural wonder to explore!

Meghalaya: Abode Of Clouds

Meghalaya: Abode Of Clouds

  • Mawlynnong Village:

We have been portrayed with slum and debris place of India like Dharavi, which is known as largest slum in Asia. But are we aware of ‘Mawlynnong Village’? Yes, Mawlynnong Village is titled as cleanest village in whole Asia. The village is also named as ‘God’s Own Garden’. Climbing 80-feet high to grab panoramic aerial view is mesmerizing.

  • Stunning Caves:

Land of caves! Oops..Sounds strange. Meghalaya has around 1000 of caves. The most famous among all are Mawsmai caves. Today the cave is famous as tourist spot, which is lit up all the way. If you are travel adventure fan, here are other caves to drop a visit. Caving expedition with needful tools or equipment’s will be enjoyed if you are expedition lover.

  • Garo Hills:

A nature lover will surely like to spend more of their time on this Hill. Garo Hill is located on western part of Meghalaya. A photography lover will like to grab the opportunity to expose his talent deep in this hills with Wildlife Sanctuaries and National park surrounding it.

Meghalaya: Abode Of Clouds

Meghalaya: Abode Of Clouds

  • Shillong Lewduh Bara Bazaar:

If you are shopaholic here is a place you should not miss! This Bazaar is regarded as largest traditional market. Located in heart of Meghalaya, Shillong. Shillong too is beautiful place to visit not to be missed on your tour to Meghalaya. Capturing street Photography can be done to get best clicks. The market open’s daily from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, except Sunday. If you want to avoid the crowd, visiting early morning will be helpful.

Majority of people at Meghalaya are Khasis,Pnars and Garos tribes. The best time to visit this land is monsoon, in monsoon the lush greenery adds more charm to the surrounding.

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