Mammoth Cave National Park is known National Park around the world. It is located in the United States National Park in Kentucky. The Cave is popular for depicting longest cave system in the world. The Cave was then officially named as ‘Mammoth Flint Ridge Cave System’. It was then established as a National Park in the year 1941, 1st July. Then, in the year 1981 the site was declared as ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNSECO.

The Mammoth Cave National Park is spread over 52,830 acres of land, with Green River at the center and a tributary of Nolin River. Mexico’s Sac Actun is a second largest Cave system next to this Mammoth Cave National Park. Today, the cave is renowned as the largest network of natural caves with underground passageways. The limestone formation and underground network of 560Km of the passageway is known as mesmerizing flora and fauna.


Mammoth Cave National Park: A Cave Park To Explore

Significance of Mammoth Cave National Park:

The National Park is spread over 285-miles of passageway surveyed and 80-miles outside to the cave. The park depicts the evolutionary history of human with geological processes and unique side of wildlife. The National Park holds more than 130-species of wildlife within the cave system.

The Cave was declared as a National Park to preserve the cave system. To get into depth of Cave, it is developed with thick Mississippian Limestone strata with a layer of sandstone. While, the upper sandstone is known as Big Cliffy Sandstone.

While, at one bottom of valley in the southern region, a massive sinkhole has developed. The sinkhole is named as ‘Cedar Sink’, with a small river entering through one way and disappearing on the other side. The cave is home to endangered species of Kentucky cave shrimp.


Mammoth Cave National Park: A Cave Park To Explore


The Services provided by National Park offers Notable features. The tours offered by Park authorities provide sightseeing’s like Grand Avenue, Fat Man’s Misery, Frozen Niagara. The length of the tour might vary from 6-7 hours. Having a guide to deliver depth detail of caves and its different facets with its formation, cave history and prehistory is essential.

The Echo River Tour is also one of the most famous tourist attractions, preferred by visitors to get boat ride Underground River. In 1990, the underground river tour was discontinued for environmental reasons.


Mammoth Cave National Park: A Cave Park To Explore

How to get there?

The Cave is located a nine miles northwest between Nashville, Louisville and Kentucky. To note exact and precise direction, from the south side, take exit at Park City and proceed toward Northwest KY 255 to the park.

When to Go?

Year-round is considered as the best time to visit. The temperature underground fluctuates between mid-50 to 60’s. Summer is peak time, when the place welcomes huge number of visitors and number of tours are arranged. Rest of year, the National Park receives less number of visitors with few tours conducted.