Mamanuca Island, these are chain of island near Denarau and Nadi. There are around 20 island which are great tourist attraction, but of which seven small island gets covered by water during high tide by Pacific Ocean. The water of Mamanuca Island of Fiji is crystal clear, with great nature’s gift like coral reefs and sandy beach.  The Mamanuca Island was formed due to volcanic archipelago.

Best thing to look out for:

Fiji Island are popular, who can forget the beautiful surrounding which were also used under bond films to give visual treat. The Island also offers you parasailing, dolphin-watching, windsurfing and more.

If you are wild party animal looking to take a lovely adventurous break with your loved ones, then this surely a great place to visit. The ‘Big W’ and ‘Gotham City’ are one of the best surf to check out for.


Mamanucas Island: A place of Blessing – Yasawas Island

History of Myths surrounding:

There are small or some kind of myth attached to few places. Some deny to go with those myths stories, while some believe in those strongly. The story of Fiji begin in year 1500 BC, the journey of this huge war canoes started from Taganika from North side of Egypt. Leading Flotilla of huge double body canoe ‘Kaunitoni’ who was warrior of Chief Lutunasobasoba. They had a magical box, the box called as ‘Box of blessing’ ‘Katonimana’.

As they arrived near Mana , Likuliku Island, due the bad weather, the box slipped out into the water. Then the Chief  Lutunasobasoba, ordered his acquaintance  to let it go, since the action happened under the will of God. Then the chief named the those three Island Mana as ‘magic’ to point as Box of blessing, and Mana-manoa which means ‘the eye of powerful wind’.

Then the chief instructed his acquaintance that no one will search for the ‘Box of blessing’. Also predicted that these island will be showered with great prosperity and also on the people who reside there. Some people also believe that the box is still buried in that area.

How to get there?

Two ways to get at this destination:

–  Through Nadi Airport – Helicopter or float plane but bit expensive to reach this island.

–   Through Denarau Marina – this is convenient route to get there, just 20 minutes from Nadi Airport, then local bus will help you to travel. Also their cruises will help you to get at the point of Island.

–   The famous South Sea Cruise also helps you to reach at the Island, with around 200 people approximately.

–   The Seafiji which are also known as water taxi, also provides service to those island.

Mamanucas Island: A place of Blessing - Yasawas Island

Mamanucas Island: A place of Blessing – Yasawas Island

Other Islands to explore:

Castaway Island is one of the popular island to choose for, it has beautiful exotic things to explore. Also Malolo Island is one of the unheard Island which offers fascinating scenery with a delicious and yummy lunch to choose from A-La-carte menu.

Lovo is famous traditional meal cooked. The taste of this dish is like barbeque, with good quality of taste n food. Rourou Soup is also good to go for made with blended taro leaves and fresh coconut milk.

Travelling to these Island will surely be memorable, these consist of Small Island but with beautiful visual treat. If you are choosing this place to visit, then sail safe and reach safe. Since the Island is bit isolated crimes like theft is known to occur in few zones.

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