Maldives is an island nation located in Indian Ocean. This small island lies between Minicoy Island and Chagos Archipelago. Like all other country, this country too had a piece of history attached to it. Maldives is an independent country, they were ruled by Portuguese Empire. While in 17th century this country was dominated by Dutch.

Male is capital of Maldives. Maldivian is official language used in that country. They got their independence on 26th July 1965 from United Kingdom.

Maldivian rufiyaa is their currency. They derive their name from Sanskrit word ‘mala’ which means garland and dvipa means island. While some travelers ‘Ibn Batuta’ call Mahal Dibiyat. ‘Mahal Dibiyat’ is an Arabic word.

  • Geography wonders!

There are around 1,192 coral island spread across. The coral are grouped into 26-atolls, which are spread around 90,000 These atolls are made of sand bars and coral reefs, with a sub-marine ridge of about 960km.

  • Environment issues:

It’s difficult to say, how bad some countries are facing bad side of Global warming. One of the country is Maldives. This country rank third most nation which is endangered due to flooding. This flood is noted due to change in climate. If carbon release is noted in same rate, then Maldives Island is risked to be sunk. The president of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed announced that,” if carbon emission increases then my country will be underwater in coming seven years.”

  • Marine life:
Mahal Dibiyat: Maldives An Exotic Island

Mahal Dibiyat: Maldives An Exotic Island: Coral Reef

Maldives water is home to several aquatic life, there are many coral reef of different color. One can find several species of marine families like Jackfish, Fusiliers, Lionfish, Snappers, Batfish, Bannerfish, Glassfish, Butterfly fish, Barracudas, Unicorn fish and many more.

Maldives Island is also famous as Honeymoon Island. Some call this Island as paradise with exotic sightseeing to go for. If you are planning to visit Maldives, then here re few spots not to be missed:

Biyadhoo Island Resort

This is known as one of the calm beach of Maldives. This is truly peaceful resort and beach to go for. There are around 35 different diving spots in this area. If you have carving for water sports or adventure, then this is surely place to visit for.

HP Reef

This spot is ranked as sixth most best diving spot. Yes, this spot offers colourful coral reef and aquatic life to explore for. This is surely a superb place to explore beneath deep sea. A close look at exotic marine life to go for.

Sun Island Resort and spa

Mahal Dibiyat: Maldives An Exotic Island - Sun Island Resort and spa

Mahal Dibiyat: Maldives An Exotic Island – Sun Island Resort and spa

The landscape and great scenery will take your heart. This resort is considered as one of the most luxurious resort around the globe. Beautiful villas and great water bungalows to go for holidays. This is truly rated as one of the most beautiful resort to get lodging experience.

  • Maldivian Cuisine to check for:

Fish is very popular food, since located an Island country. Maldivian food has a touch of Indian version of curries. Tuna is very popular fish. The other known dishes are:

Bambukeylu hiti and Fihunu mas. Snacks are called hedhikaa. Bhajiya, masroshi, gulha are popular snacks products.

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