Lucidity Festival is a unique fest in U.S.A. held over the spring weekend at Live Oak. Live Oak is the campground that hosts this annual event and is attended by a large number of people, who are fun loving and free spirited and they simply enjoy procession. There are yogis, drummers, as well as lovely hippies. There is music, dance and art, people also throw surprises, including light shows, acrobatic performances. At night the show becomes more spectacular due to fire and neon use. Lucidity Fest is a unique combination of wild party and joyful assemblage of people.

Lucidity Festival

Lucidity Festival A Unique Fest For Spring Weekend

Image credit @Zipporah

Beginnings of the Lucidity Festival

Famous artist Jonah Haas was involved in ‘Walkabout Woods ‘with art installation, during this he painted numerous fake trees for the Burning Man of 2011. This sparked off a movement and soon he was joined by similar well connected individuals who were like minded, and this formed a new community with throngs of volunteers. Even today, these volunteers are a prime force to organise this festival. Lucidity Festival has involved dance, music and few late-night festive activities. The tradition is continued with enthusiasm. The festival is arranged in Live Oak Camp at Santa Barbara in California United States. In this year, 2015, it is about to be held between 10th to 12th April.


Every year there is a particular theme that is presented in the numerous presentations in the Lucidity Festival, and it is known that in the current year 2015, the theme is elders and our ancestors. The presentations are expected to pay homage to the wisdom and knowledge of our earlier generation through all the art forms. There will be live music on the three main stages and there will be shows from the vocal artists also. Lucidity Festival will make people conscious of the environment and will lay stress on the most sensitive issue of Trash management, there will be a contest also.

Lucidity Festival

Lucidity Festival A Unique Fest For Spring Weekend

Image credit@ DP-Lucidity Festival 2013

The “Villages”

During these past few years the Lucidity Festival has been expanded due to the overwhelming support, so much so that there are now seven areas with different themes and these areas are termed as “Villages” by the people there. Every village has its own area in the entire campground. Different villages have different themes and accordingly different names.

In the Village Warrior’s Way, the activities are centred on energy and nature awareness, there will be martial arts, drum and dance. In the other Village “Nomad’s Nook” there will be round the clock activities in electronic music along with workshops on self-reliance and travel related themes. There are other villages named Lover’s nest and Healing Sanctuary, Trickster’s Playground which has jungle gym and Goddess Grove celebrating divine dance of feminine form.

Village for Kids

At Lucidity there is also a special village for kids called “Family Garden” so that the accompanying kids do not feel left out. In this village there will be play space for children and children’s music, dance, food and interesting workshops for the young.

Lucidity Festival is unique and best opportunity for an interesting and enjoyable weekend.