Litchfield National Park is one-hour journey from Darwin. It features countless of a variety of environment which include rainforest, waterfalls, sandstone escarpments, spring-fed streams and a few historical remnants. The park is spread over 1,500-square kilometres, the land belongs to the Aboriginal people. Initially, it was Finniss exploration, which was first European connection and hence the named after Frederick Henry Litchfield.

Frederick Henry Litchfield was a member of expedition for long 75-years. Until the year 1955, the area as a center of copper mining, but then, it went under pastoral lease which was then designated as National Park in the year 1986.

A Local tour guide will suggest you to explore the Litchfield National Park by opting for one-day or two-day trip. Travelling with 4-wheel drive in the dry season is preferable. Swimming in crystal clear water and bushwalking trails is a favourite among Darwin locals. If you are visiting for first time, you need not to worry about meals or refreshments, it is available at Wangi Falls which is located at Wangi Falls Café. An overnight stay at a campground in the park must be on your list!

Litchfield National Park Australia

Litchfield National Park Australia A Camping Site Worth Visiting

Must Do Activities:

Here are Must Do Activities on visiting Litchfield National Park:

  • Discover enthralling Sandy Creek on 4-wheel drive.
  • The two-meter high magnetic termite knolls will let you know about great architectural feats.
  • The mesmerizing double Florence waterfall with 160-steps leading down to the pool are definitely worth to visit.
  • Other series of Waterfall and few rock holes from car-park.
  • Wangi Fall is one of the best swimming pool and picnic spot for several people visiting here!

Accommodation Facilities          

Getting a camping experience is totally worth! The camping charge varies from types of camping package. The packages and type of camping is available from the Park’s authority. A visitor might find options of region for camping or accommodation.

Litchfield National Park Australia

Litchfield National Park Australia A Camping Site Worth Visiting

  • Litchfield Motel
  • Litchfield Tourist Park
  • Batchelor Holiday Park
  • Rum Jungle Bungalows and many more.

Other Attractions to visit:

  • Florence Fall

Water cascading from great heights and the steps heading to the plunge pool will make you excited with a beautiful view. A dip in the swimming pool will make you feel refreshed!

  • Buley Rockhole

A beautiful spot for swimming and relaxing. Toilet facility is available in camping.

  • Wangi Falls

Swimming is not possible year round. It is most popular tourist spot and easily accessible. One will find a wide range of photographic opportunity at this spot. The Camping at this site is available with shower, toilet, barbecue and so.

  • Creek Fall

A 4-wheel drive is essential to reach this point. A worth place to visit with camping facilities.

Water Crossing - Litchfield National Park Australia

Litchfield National Park Australia A Camping Site Worth Visiting

  • Tjaynera Falls

The Tjaynera Falls is also known as Sandy Creek, it is open from May to November and only accessible by 4-wheel drive. A point to relax and enjoy or a short escape from crowded hectic life!

Definitely a worth to visit, Litchfield National Park, located in south-west of Darwin and lies in the Northern Territory of Australia. Around 260,000 visitors are attracted annually.