Where: – Trie Sur Baise, Haute-Pyrenees, France.

When: – Second Sunday in August; 10 Aug 2014; 9 Aug 2015.

            ‘La Pourcailhade’ is a French festival celebrated every year in the small town of ‘Trie Sur Baise’, situated in the south-western France. The festival is full of numerous bizarre & hilarious activities that make you roll on the floor laughing loudly! Pig is the center & the only attraction of the festival & the entire town gets soaked into the piggy life. The air in the region gets filled with the smell of roasted pork & other barbecued dishes; however, it is the pig & not the pork that steals the show!

Why They Celebrate?

   The festival was started in the year 1975 in order to boost the declining pig-farming in the France. ‘Trie Sur Baise’ being the largest pig market in France, took the initiatives in boosting the hog-industry. ‘La Confrerie du Cochon’ or the ‘Brotherhood of the pig’ is the official organizer of this celebration.

La Pourcailhade: A French Festival to Honor The Humble Swine

La Pourcailhade: A French Festival to Honor The Humble Swine

How They Celebrate?

            The entire town of ‘Trie Sur Baise’ gets prepared for the festival day by decorating the shops in the local pig market with piggy articles. The atmosphere of the local market gets enchanted with the mouth-watering smell of pork dishes & barbeques.

Main events of the day get started with the ‘Piglet race’ followed by ‘Best Pig Outfit’ competition wherein all the participants, dressed like a pig, roams through the city & the one with the best piggy attire is selected as a winner. The ‘Black Pudding eating Competition’ is another sheer gem of fun event where men compete to gobble down a meter log pork sausage. The criterion to win the contest is simple- ‘maximum portion in minimum time’!

The main highlight of the festival is the most bizarre event of all! The pig squealing completion named as ‘Le Championnat de France du Cri de Cochon’. The contestants participate in groups to demonstrate the various phases in a pig’s life, i.e. from the groan of intimacy among the pig couples to the afterbirth yell of a piglet, noise while feeding up to the gruesome squeaking in the slaughterhouse! The contest is not only of replicating the pig squeals, but also of mimicking the corresponding actions of pigs to justify the every squeak!

The strange yet entertaining events that set the party mood are supported equally well by the lively music & attractive dances & everything, together make an astounding & a hilarious day out that forever remains in the ‘good memories’ section of your life.

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