Kruger National Park, one of the largest National Park in South Africa. It is spread across 19,485-square kilometres in the north-east part of South Africa. The Park is spread 360-kilometres from north to south t0 65-kilometre from east to west. Today, the park is not only protected by the South African Republic Government but also by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation. The Kruger National Park was officially declared as a first national Park in year 1926.

Limpopo and Mpumalanga are two provinces that lie to the west and south of Kruger National Park. On the north side of Park lies Zimbabwe while to the east is Mozambique. The Park has earned quality of name over the years for organizing different camps.

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park: Largest Game Reserve of South Africa

About Kruger National Park

South African National Park has a unique wildlife essence. Kruger National Park is home to a wide number of species dwelling. An impressive number of around 49 species-Fishes, 114 species – reptiles, 147 species – mammals, 507 species of mammals, 34 species of amphibians and around 336-types of trees add vivacity to the National Park.

Man’s interaction with environment from centuries also plays a crucial role, from bushman rock paintings to regal archaeological sites like Thulamela and Masorini is evident in the National Park. The paintings, cultures of people adorns in history which are conserved with the National Park.

Kruger National Park Trails

Kruger National Park: Largest Game Reserve of South Africa

Climate at Kruger

The climate is sub-tropical, where summer days are hot and humid rising up to 100 °F. The monsoon season last from September to October which are driest period. Winter season from Late October is the best time to drop a visit to this park. Wildlife viewing is more rewarding with more vegetation and animals drawn to water bodies to drink water early morning or so.

Adventure Dip

  • Nonokani Adventure Trail

A 4WD Trail at Nonokani Adventure Trail will cost around R460 + R100 for a vehicle and refundable deposit respective. Booking must be done in the early morning, the trail is closed after rain. No facilities are made, so it is ideal to carry needful things with GPS handset to get a perfect guide.

  • Lebombo Motorised Trail

The Lebombo Motorized Eco Trail is one of the longest Motorised trail stretching around 500-km with five-day route. Starting trail from Crocodile Bridge to Pafuri, driving your own vehicle with food and drink will feel you more energetic. Only 5-vehicles are permitted at a time, hence an advance reservation are made.

south Africa National Park

Kruger National Park: Largest Game Reserve of South Africa

Other Sight to go for!

  • Great Limpopo Trans-frontier Park

Kruger National Park forms a part of Great Limpopo and Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park. It encompasses 35,000 square kilometer vast areas.

The park is declared as UNESCO World heritage site and also designated as UNESCO International Man & Biosphere Reserve.