Kronborg Castle holds a strong history and stands proudly in town of Helsingor, Denmark. Kronborg is a significant Renaissance Castle in Northern Europe and was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Castle, located at an elevation of 12-meters. The Castle is situated at a strategically important site stretched between Sweden and Denmark. The Royal Kronborg Castle has played significant role in the history of Northern Europe during 16th-18th Century.

About the Kronborg Castle

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Kronborg Castle With Sound Toll

The significant site commanding Sound, on narrow stretch of water between Sweden and Denmark. The Sound is the gateway to the Baltic Sea. It was from the year 1429 to 1857, Denmark controlled whole passage, by positioning itself at narrowest end of the Sound, where it is only 4-km wide. The surprising point to note is around 1.8-million ships passed through the Sound during this period. The ships that passed through this gateway had to pay an amount of toll at Kronborg Castle. This was the reason, how the Kronborg Castle became Denmark’s power.

The toll was used as a political instrument which earned a heavy amount of income. They only allowed few selected nations to ship trade, through that route as free of cost. Denmark was strong and had powers to create an alliance. The Sound toll control was essential which then became an essential issue and gave rise to several wars. With time Kronborg Castle became significant and not just Denmark.

History of Kronborg Castle

In 1420, Eric of Pomerania built castle first on this unique site. The site only had remnants of walls, which can be seen even today. Then In 1574, King Frederik II started constructing Renaissance Castle and closed by fortifications, which was eventually known as Kronborg Castle. In the year 1629, disastrous fire struck the castle, after which the castle was reconstructed exactly like before.

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Kronborg Castle With Sound Toll

The Chapel as only structure which was not destroyed by fire and is conserved today with painted panels, fine carving, gallery and pews. The Castle has a spacious courtyard with four winds surrounding. Also the facades characterised by Horizontal band and the front wall. The castle is adorned with imaginative design, sandstone ornaments. The Castle is also famous as Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The Kronborg Castle is also considered as an architectural wonder with its own beauty and strength of fortess. The castle is totally protected with strong base and tall –high ramparts. The castle is associated with commercial, strategic and symbolic importance.

Undoubtedly, Kronborg Castle stands out as Renaissance Castle which has a significant part in the history of Denmark and Northern Europe.