Kamishikimikumano is picture perfect place to visit. The place looks more like a fairy tale place. The shrine is situated at Takamori-Machi Japan. It is located in old forest deep inside old forest. The shrine is located in lush green area. The ancient Shrine shines out in enigmatic wood.

The ancient temple has served for years to inspire several film-makers. A film was features by Yuki Midorikawa. A Fan ageo_akaihana has dedicated a whole page to this beautiful temple. The surrounding of temple makes the shrine shine out beautifully. The shrine is truly undiscovered destination to be added on list on your visit to Japan.

Kamishikimikumano shrine

Kamishikimikumano A Pristine Shrine

Why to visit the place?

The place Kumamoto Prefecture is pristine place with numerous forest, prks and mountain around. A definitely great place to visit.

When to go there?

The place is best year around. The forest display’s its own attraction in different season.

How to reach there?

Can be reached by train or car. The trains are well developed around the country. The temple too is located nearby main road of the town of Takamori.

forest shrine Kamishikimikumano

Kamishikimikumano A Pristine Shrine

Japan shrine

Kamishikimikumano A Pristine Shrine


Kamishikimikumano A Pristine Shrine


Kamishikimikumano A Pristine Shrine