Kakadu National Park is famous for all good reasons. Twin Falls and Jim Jim Fall are two best Waterfall in Australia. The Jim Jim Falls is a waterfall situated on Jim Creek. The Waterfall which cascades over Arnhem Land was declared as a UNESCO world Heritage Site of Northern Territory in Australia. The Waterfall is also listed as an Australian National Heritage Site. Visiting in the wet season is the best time to get glances of mesmerizing landscape.

About the Jim Jim Falls

The elevation of the waterfall is 260-meters above the sea level, which drops from the height of 140-200 meters. The fall is located near the eastern boundary of Kakadu National Park. It can be access from Kakadu Highway. In dry season, the waterfall dry up and do not flow. While, in the wet season, it offers spectacular view and it is impossible to drive with 4W-vehicle.

Jim Jim Falls Kakadu National Park

Jim Jim Falls At Kakadu National Park Australia

According to the locals, it is believed that 140-million years ago Kakadu was under shallow seas. The escarpment wall was formed from Arnhem Land plateau. At present, the escarpments rise 1080-feet from the plain along the eastern side.

How To Reach?

Reaching Jim Jim Falls is a real adventure. Approximate 60km drive from Kakadu Highway will land you near Jim Jim Waterfall and 40km from Jabiru. Roads have developed to a great extent, also gravel road to reach Jim Jim camping area. Well improved and developed road might make your voyage to Jim Jim Waterfall less adventurous. But the landscape around is truly mesmerizing and scenic.

Jim Jim Falls Kakadu National Park

Jim Jim Falls At Kakadu National Park Australia

Gorge & Plunge Pool

The path from car park to the plunge pool I worth visiting! The path meets at the bottom of the Waterfall. Initial path is quite easy, but viewing pool and capturing scenic view might miss or tremble your steps. The initial path will give you a first view of the falls.

While, the second half is bit difficult, it requires rock hopping, scrambling over huge boulders. The path is more slippery with sand and missing a single step might land you in brief trouble. The closer you get to the falls, the more impressive the view becomes! The pool is surrounded by vertical massive cliff. The water is cold as, not much sun’s heat touches the pool. The pool is popular a swimming area.

Another pool which is few steps further to Plunge Pool is known as sandy white beach.

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls At Kakadu National Park Australia

Camping At Jim Jim

The Garnamarr is a popular camping area which was relocated in 2004. The location surrounding the camping area is picturesque. The facilities at this camping area is good, with solar water shower, benches, concrete tables and many more with clean rooms for around 250-people.

The only not so good point about the place is, since it is a popular place, it does get crowded frequently! The Camping charges are same approx. 10$ USD.