Skye is known as top location and one of the most famous tourist spot not to be missed in Scotland. The place is famous for landscapes, scenic beauty and breath-taking view. The Isle of Skye is 50-miles long and also titled as largest Inner Hebrides. Portee is capital, there are several other notable island around Skye which include Carbost, Torrin, Elgol, Broadford, Kyleakin and Armadale.

The Isle of Skye is not only with scenic beauty but also has touch of history. The place holds Dinosaur fossil, Highland Clearance, Clan Warfare and how can we miss to state Bonnie Prince Charlie. The Clan Castle both Clan Macleod and Clan MacDonald must be added on your list to visit this place. The list of great spots doesn’t end here, Wildlife watching can make you excited with White Tailed Sea Eagle, otters, seals and so. Red Deer and Dolphins are also other remarkable creatures that will pose for your Photography memories.

If you are Travel Adventure lover, exploring Isle of Skye can give you best experience. It is also noted as best spot for climbers and walkers. The Trotternish Ridge and Cullin Range are not only interesting but also challenging. The Cullin Range is 3000-feet high and offers 12-Munros.

Isle of Skye Scenic Scotland

Isle of Skye Scenic Scotland

Other Tourist Attraction:

  • Dinosaurs Fossils

The history of this place stretches back from Dinosaurs Age. Footprints of Dinosaur’s can be found on the shore of Staffin. Also the Dinosaurs Museum near Staffin is also grabbing tourist attraction, the museum also holds belemnites, gryphaea, ammonities, Devvil’s Toenail and so.

  • Brochs

The Pictish Tower are sited on the Isle of Skye which were built around 2000 years ago. The Brochs, round tower can be found on Orkney, Shetland of Scotland. Some of these sites are well preserved, while other are just heap of stone. The main idea behind the construction of this Historic site is still not found, some believe it was built for defence from raiders, while other says just a residence of past.

Isle Of Skye Scenic

Isle of Skye Scenic Scotland

There are also great walks on Isle of Skye which will give you memorable experience. The place is loaded with hundreds of super walks. If you are planning to pack your bags to explore this beautiful place then note these few important tips:

  • Choose simple path to complete your walk plan
  • The walk journey is very simple and can be completed without use of maps or navigation aid.

It is recommended to follow all essential climbing rules to ensure safety. Climbing Cullin Mountain is bit tough, it is recommended to experience with expert walker or climber, who can guide you with compass or map.

Isle of Skye Scenic Scotland

Isle of Skye Scenic Scotland

Walking or climbing can also be graded:

  • Easy – this route can be completed with fit shoes that has ankle support.
  • Medium – this route is bit easy and can be covered by being alert on steep or rough sections
  • Difficult – this route is quite difficult to cover as you will find steep sections and will require fit health to complete this portion.

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