Hong Kong is now a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. The sovereignty of Hong Kong was transferred to China in 1997. Before this period the twin islands of Hong Kong and Kowloon had been under British colonization for almost 150 years, the result is evident in the infrastructure which has predominant British designs and standards. The city and the area developed rapidly and became a major manufacturing base and financial hub, now Hong Kong is popular and major financial centre in East Asia. It is much more than a harbour city, though Hong Kong is the major port transporting significantly heavy volume of the total exports from China to the rest of the world. No wonder, Hong Kong is known as the Oriental Pearl with British influence in the culture.


Hong Kong City The Oriental Pearl

Archaeologists have established the date of human settlement in Hong Kong back to more than 30000 years ago. The area as inducted in China during the reign of the Qin rulers and remained under the Chinese control till 1841. In January 1841 after the First Opium War (1839-1842), as a result of the defeat of the Chinese rulers Hong Kong Island was conceded to the British Crown. This was followed by Kowloon peninsula in 1860. This started the British rule in Hong Kong, which lasted till 1997, when the sovereignty was transferred to China again.

All the visitors need to get Visa and the duration varies from 180 days for the British citizens to 14 days in case of few countries. Indian Citizens can get a 14 days visa and the entry date is excluded. The international Airport is connected to most of the major cities in nations around the world. The tourists can easily and comfortably commute to Hong Kong.

The International Airport in Hong Kong is the busiest airport in terms of the passengers transport and cargo movements, registered more than 47 million passengers and 3.74 million tonnes of cargo in 2007. The internal transport system is also adequately managed, there is a comprehensive network of railway in the entire area besides the public transport through bus service. The bus service in Hong Kong is run by private operators. The area of Hong Kong being group of islands, there is Victoria Harbour from where the Star Ferry service is also available for the travellers. The port is a deep water port with expertise in container shipping.

Hong Kong street

Hong Kong City The Oriental Pearl

Hong Kong Island has steep and hilly terrain which was extensively served by sedan chairs, now there is vertical rail transport between the Central and the Victoria Peak area. There is a unique system of escalators which has an extensive network in Central and Western Districts. There is the longest outdoor escalator system in the world which is covered, the Mid-Level escalator. Interestingly, there are moving pavements also developed in some area.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong is a marine mammal park, which also has oceanarium and animal park theme along with the amusement park which attracts plenty of visitors to watch the dolphin circus and bird circus in the bird sanctuary. There is also a statue of Bruce Lee on the Avenue of stars.

Amongst the other spots of tourist interest are Wong Tai Sin Temple and the Catholic cathedral named Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the oldest church St. John’s Cathedral I Hong Kong. Whereas in Lantau Island there is a huge statue of Buddha called as Big Buddha.

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