Air Travel has to be exciting. Railway journey or Bus journey do excite us but not to the limit how Air journey brings thrills and joy. Travelling through Air-transport is not a cake walk, in past years new regulations have put forward, which require airlines to reveal full-price of air-fare with no hidden cost. Prior to this regulations, we often had got attracted to the low flashy price excluding additional taxes. Now, when we actually see a clear price including taxes its relief! But the story doesn’t end here, few airlines have got few sneaky ways to shade more from passengers. Here are Few Hidden Airline Fee You Should Be Conscious Of!

  • Luggage Fees

We all are very much aware of Luggage fee, that many airlines charge us with. But many times we passenger don’t realize with additional charge is not made on luggage, but on extra luggage.

Luggage Fee - Airport Travel Tips

Few Hidden Airline Fees You Should Be Conscious Of!

  • Priority Boarding

Who don’t want to avoid long queue and get on desired seat first? No one wants to stand in queue and wait till their turn arises. There is term called ‘Priority Boarding’, which allows that certain passenger to board on plane first than other passengers. It might be considered a good idea to get Priority Boarding, but might go heavy on pockets. Definitely, for airlines who offer first come first served like Southwest this might turn on great deal. But spending $40 per flight to get this service is bit pricey.

  • Reservation on Phone

In these technology savvy world, maximum people rely on online booking service to purchase ticket or make reservations. But in case, if one opts to get reservation or purchase a ticket by speaking to an agent it might cost extra. Southwest Airlines is one of the airline Company who offer this service for free. While, other airline services charge $10-$30 extra.

  • Selecting Seats

This process is bit tricky, it might land into disappointment when family fellows want to sit together but are unable to make so. Few airlines charge you extra to allot you middle, window or aisle seat. Luxury of selecting desired seat might be expensive shading off $100 for per seats in few airlines.

  • Modify dates

If you are in need to preponed or postponed planned trip? It might cost you a healthy amount. Many airlines charge you $50-$70, while US Airways charge approx. $150. It’s better to book a new flight ticket then to book your ticket on different day or so.

Flight Amenities - Airport Travel Tips

Few Hidden Airline Fees You Should Be Conscious Of!

  • Flight Facilities

Entertainment! You don’t believe at this right? People travelling for long journey flights needs entertainment. You might get music on demand or say movie on demand, but this might charge extra. Yes, some airlines also have embedded Wi-Fi which can be utilised by paying respective amount. Few airlines also charge you with meal or drinks, contrary which are complimentary in few other airlines.

  • Other Fees

Unaccompanied minors that require extra attention, pet care or so. These are few terms which has hidden fees. Also an individual who wish to travel carrying sports equipment will be charged extra fees.

Here are few conditions on which Airlines might charge you extra!