A traveller is always ready to explore nooks and corners. A traveller has huge thirst to hunt for new places and grab significance of that place. There are several places which are not so known to the newcomer except the local people. The Heard and McDonald Island (HIMI) is also a serene and placid external territory of Australia.

The Heard Island is main volcanic Island with the Tiny Shag Island located 11Km to north and the McDonald Island at 43Km to west. The HIMI is quite protected place under law of environment, no human are present and require wide quarantine restriction to land on this shore. A restriction of clean footwear and clothing is implemented to enter this Island. Entering this Island need a special permit from Australian Antarctic Division.

BigBen Heard Island

Heard and McDonald Island A Land in Sub-Antarctica


The Heard and McDonald Island has intact ecosystem. Vast number of seals and Penguins occupy the coast of this Island, it is also considered as greatest wildlife sight. The Island is spread on 1,700 km in Southern Ocean and is known as volcanically active Sub-Antarctic Island.

The Island is also known as ‘Open Window into the Earth’. As the place provides opportunity to observe glacial dynamics and geomorphic processes. The unique conservational value of the Heard and McDonald Island makes the place as rare unspoiled and untouched land. The Island holds complete absence of Plants, animals and human.

Brief Description:

Heard Island dominates other Island with Big Ben an active volcano rising to 2,754-metres. Surprisingly, the active volcano land is covered by glacier and snow. While McDonald Island is smaller covering around 100-hectares of land area surrounded by rocks.

Heard Island

Heard and McDonald Island A Land in Sub-Antarctica

Geographical Description:

The Heard and McDonald Island was formed by trail type of volcanism. The plume type of volcanism is poorly understood by which is often compared to two types of volcano: seafloor spreading and other subduction. The Sub-Antarctica Island is only Island around the globe which is volcanically active. In year 1992, the last eruption was recorded. The land is covered by 70% of snow and ice, while the glacier have short turnover of 100-years.

Heard Island is roughly circular in shape, stretching 10-Km Laurens Peninsula and 7-Km in east for Elephant Spit. The annual temperature recorded is 1.4-degree Celsius. It was in 1908, the Heard and McDonald Island was occupied by Britain, than on 26th December 1947, control of land was transferred to Australia.

Today, the Heard Island is home to thousand Macroni Penguins breed. The long coast of Heard and McDonald Island holds world’s largest colony of penguins with other few sub-species.