Grand Teton National Park is a National Park, located in northwest Wyoming. It is spread on over 310,000 acres of land. Teton Range has the major peak, which is spread over 64-km on the northern section of the valley, which is popularly known as Jackson Hole. This national park is at a distance of 16-km from Yellowstone National Park. Today, the National Park is connected by the National Park service which is managed by John Rockfeller. The land is protected today, which constitute 18,000,000- acres as a large mid-latitude ecosystem in the world.

grand-teton national park

Grand Teton National Park At Wyoming

About The National Park

The Peaks of the National Park are 7000-feet above valley area, this feature makes the place boldest geologic land. Tangential to the foothills, it rises through coniferous forest in an alpine meadow with wildflower, white glacier and past blue to bare granite pinnacle.

The Grand Teton National Park is more popular among hikers, photographers, climbers and so to explore and witness nature’s beauty. There are around 200 and more hiking trails, and more than 1,000 drive-in campsite. The place is also known for catching Snake River, which are fine spotted with cutthroat trout.

grand-teton park

Grand Teton National Park At Wyoming


The human history at this place dates back at 11,000-years. There were first nomadic hunter Paleo-Indian who began migrating to this place for food and water. Then in early 19th century, first White explored the Eastern Shoshone natives. It was in the period of 1810 to 1840, the region came with fur trading and beaver pelt trade.

Jackson Hole was first White who settled in the year 1880. He began to preserve the National Park which was commenced in the late 19th century. The valley then remained private under ownership of Jackson Hole. It was then the conservationist John D Rockfeller, began to purchase the land from Jackson Hole and developed to existing National Park. Against public opinion Jackson Hole was planned and set to come with a protection for the park as ‘Jackson Hole National Monument’ in the year 1943. But soon in 1950, the monument was abolished and the land was named as ‘Grand Teton National Park’.


Grand Teton National Park At Wyoming

This National Park offers 8-must do adventure in summer. Here is the list:

  • Riding Horseback
  • Rafting trip
  • Indulge in a game of Golf
  • Ride bike on serene path of the Park
  • Climbing Tetons
  • Fishing
  • Get glimpse of Wildlife
  • Camp under carpet of dark shining stars

If you are planning to visit this site, note to gather complete information about entrance fee and other hidden charges if any. The Grand Teton Lodge Company offers camping sites for around 800 people the camping site is well-developed with picnic tables, fire pits, toilets with flush and so. All you need to do is reserve a cabin to explore the best of the National Park.

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