If you are in search of a place where you can explore or hunt for unique angle for photography, then landing on Giants Causeway will be proper decision. The Giants Causeway which is also known as ‘Clochán an Aifir’. Exploring such place, makes you feel more close to nature. Giants Causeway located on Northern part of Ireland in Country Antrim.

This Giants Causeway, is declared as World Heritage structure under UNESCO. In year 1986, this site was listed under heritage site, and today it is preserved and protected by Department of Environment of Ireland. After the poll conducted in year 2005, it was declared as fourth natural wonder of United Kingdom. The official name declared to this site is Causeway coast or Giants Causeway. One will definitely find a unique view on reaching this destination.

The area is filled with around 40,000 basalt interlocking columns. The columns appears as stepping stones which then vanish under tides of sea. The shape of those columns are very different from rest columns which appear on sea coast. They are in hexagonal shape, or with four, five or seven edges stones. At present time, the site is managed and owned by National Trust. Today this site tops the chart as one of the famous tourist spot in Ireland.


Giant’s Causeway: The Steps That Vanish Into Sea

Discovery of site:

The Discovery of site was made in year 1693, by Royal Society. The announcement was made through papers and presentations by Sir Richard Bulkeley, who was a fellow from Trinity College. Then the site received light of fame on International platform. Susanna Drury made painting of this site in year 1739, which received award.

Geology Structure:

You must be wondering what is making this site, with unique hexagonal columns which appears steps to or from sea. Antrim was a place of active volcano, long back around 40-60 millions of years ago. It was Palaeogene Period, when this active volcano’s fluid molten to form lava plateau through chalk beds. The lava started cooling down forming pillar like structure. Horizontal retrenchment broken in similar way to dry. The cracks started emerging down as the form started cooling and forming horizontal ‘Biscuit’ like structure. The cooling process of this horizontal broken segment made the structure appear like ‘Ball and socket’ joints.

A piece of Mythological History to is attached at this place. According to folktales, the columns are built by giant Fionn Mac Cumhail from Gaelic Mythos, who defied to fight with Scottish Giant Benandonner.

Giant’s Causeway: The Steps That Vanish Into Sea

Giant’s Causeway: The Steps That Vanish Into Sea

Tourist spot:

Today the site have permanent visitor centre. In year 2000 or so, this place didn’t had visitor centre as the building got burned down. After that public money was transferred to create a new centre to help visitor reaching from various countries. If you are planning to visit this area, then there are other notable places too. There are some spots which are 7-millions years ago, which resemble like Giant Boot like structure or Organ or so.

There are other spots too like the Honeycomb, Chimney Stack, Camel Hump or Giant gate and many more.