Where: Nederland, Colorado, U.S

If you want to know about funky, delightful and very uncommon festival, you need to take a dip of ’Frozen Dead Guy Days’. On this very festival thousands of people gather to celebrate the tale of Grandpa Bredo Morstel. Grandpa Bredo Morstoel is a Norwegian who died in 1989. He gave a flame to celebrate icy events with coffin race, polar plunges, frozen salmon tosses in Nederland. Nederland is a town at a height of 8,230-feet on Rocky Mountains with residents of 1,227.

Frozen Dead Guy Days

Frozen Dead Guy Festival Bodies in Motion & Body at Rest

Tale of Bredo

The tale behind Grandpa Bredo sparks as three-day festival. The festival began after 2000. To focus on the saga of this festival began when the Bredo family decided to preserve the body of Grandpa Bredo in dry ice and ship that to cryonics ability in the United States. Then he rested in Nitrogen liquid till his grandson Trygve Bauge moved his body to Nederland. They planned to start something like cryonics facility on Grandpa Bredo as first member, with a hope of future technology that could cure or ailed them.

The municipal code didn’t allowed to keep body in private property, under code of matter ‘keeping bodies’ was forbidden. Aud Morstoel pleaded City Council to keep the body with them. The City Council made an exception and allowed the body to remain in Nederland.

Then a local man, Bo Shaffer stepped with team, ‘cryonicists’ kept corpse in chilled state with 1,600-pound of ice and packed the body to maintain in -60 degree F. Local Media played significant role to depict the story. Then by 2002, the festival drew several visitors from US.

Events on Frozen Dead Guy Festival

Coffin Race - Frozen Dead Guy Days

Frozen Dead Guy Festival Bodies in Motion & Body at Rest

People come across from country also from around the world to rejoice the Frozen Dead Guy Festival. The atmosphere at this place is of zaniness and beer drinking. Several parades and events are held to celebrate the day.

Among all wacky events parade of hearses is notable. While, Frozen Dead Guy look alike competition is also famous among all, frozen salmon tosses, icy bowling, frozen T-shirt are also contest that can delight you!

The festival is organised by private company every year. Huge number of visitor participate in this competition. The people who go for VIP passes are availed with unlimited beers, tours of Tuff Shed and so.

Coffin race is also another unique event held at this event. Participants must rush to carry coffins with their team on snowy or icy course. Music, food, beer makes the event more remarkable. Saturday night ‘Blue Ball’ live music event with contest of Grandpa Bredo look-alike and Queen Pageant are enthralling one.