Old is gold that never to be sold’, a phrase that many people believe in. But very few people follow with. It is always observed, older the wine, the more its price. To be honest, old things are believed to be more costly, but are they worth? Well, sure they are some stands strong giving tough fight with the new things. If you are one of those visitors, who like visiting museums or Heritage structures, then this place must be listed on your ‘must visit’ list.

Homebush Bay or Floating Forest is a place in Syney, Australia. This must be visited, if you like something old and abandoned places. The ship resting off-shore, is a unique sight to catch for, the ship is said to be standing at the present sight since 102-years.

Floating Forest:
The place is also called as ‘Floating Forest’. This is truly impressive place to visit on tour of Sydney, Australia. The 1,140 –tonne ship, has turned as Floating forest due to its lush flora growing on it. The SS Ayrfield ship, was used in World War II. It served as collier on 60-miler between Sydney and Newcastle. The ship transported supplies to American troops from Pacific Ocean.


Floating Forest An Unexplored Place To Visit

Then in year 1972, the ship was brought back to Bay, to dismantle. But the operation of dismantle was ceased due to some reason. The SS Ayrfeild, with other ships during World War II were left for decay. Today, the place is known to be ‘Spooky Ship Cemetery’. The Homebush bay is not only listed as Spooky place, but it is also residence for ‘Olympic Stadium’.

Ace Photographer or budding photographer will surely like to visit this place. This has become tourist attraction. The floating forest is grabbing good amount of tourist to it. Today the ship is residence for different type of flora.


The ship was built in year 1911, and was used in World War II. The ship arrived at Homebush Bay in year 1972, with operation of dismantle. This ship arrived at the sight carry heavy large vessels, but due to cease of operation no further action was taken by government or any other official authorities.

Floating Forest An Unexplored Place To Visit

Floating Forest An Unexplored Place To Visit

Today, the sight is protected as the so called ‘Floating Forest’ is developed into tourist attraction. Due to the vegetation growth on ship, it has become one of the popular place to explore for photographer. An Ace photographer might find many great angle to capture the beauty of old ship and lush greenery surrounding it.

There are around four Shipwrecks residing at the spot. These shipwrecks can be easily accessible from Bennelong Parkway or Bicentennial Park. In year 1970, a wooden ramp was built to break the vessel. The ship consist of many objects but are untouched but protected. At the present time, all four shipwrecks are protected under State of Heritage Act 1977.

Homebush Bay is located on the bank of Parramatta River. The place lies inner west of Australia’s capital Sydney. Today this place also has famous ‘Sydney Olympic Park’. Today the Floating Forest and some objects on ship are getting affected by the increasing amount of chemical reaction and pollution. If the amount of growth in pollution keep on increasing, then this ‘Floating Forest’ sight might be under danger zone.