Where: – Around St Petersburg, Russia.

When: – 09-13 June 2016.

The month of June in St Petersburg pumps up the new life in the city’s air as the whole city prepares for hosting the grand festival to commemorate Russia’s world renowned elegant & passionate dancing style- ‘Tango‘! The dance form which is known for the intimate romance & passion is loved by many people around the globe. The ‘Festival De Tango’ magnetizes several big names in the world of Tango who flock the city to ignite the arena with their passionate performances!  

The two week celebration of Tango Festival features outstanding dance concerts of eminent Tango dancers & musicians, art exhibitions & previews of the latest shows. However, the free classes to learn the ‘Tango’ are the highlight of the entire celebration. The atmosphere is filled with sheer love & passion for the dance. The thousands of dancing couples from all over the world literally occupy the streets of the capital & swings with their partners on Tango moves.

Why They Celebrate:       

Apart from the passion for football, Tango is proud possession which is often regarded as cultural expression & showcase of the soul of Argentina. However, around 60’s & 70’s, this Argentine glory was on the verge of extinction as the dictatorship in Argentina had banned the Tango performances in the country & had threatened the Tango artists by incarcerating many of them.

Tango Festival

Festival de Tango: Festival of Romantic & Passionate Dancing

Fortune smiled back in favor of this breathtaking dance form, when the dictatorship ended in 1983. Though, Tango now had the license to flourish, it suffered a major setback as most of the younger generation of Argentina did not know how to dance! The problem was severe as many veteran dancers were no longer available to train the young legs. However, the dancing enthusiast in Buenos Aires did not let the passion for the dance to die, they all came together, took up the challenge & later on, successfully dealt with it only to see their young generation tangoing once again with typical Argentine flair.

Thus, the people started organizing the festival of their National heritage in order to give the young generation the taste of this elegant dance style. The idea of making an arrangement of free classes for aspiring dancers thus conceived which now has taken the grandeur profile & is being admired by numerous ‘Tanguistas’!

How They Celebrate? 

Tango dance is basically walking with the partner gracefully as per the mood of the music. Speed of Tango, passion & emotions depicted in music are of utmost importance. The one who can transmit the emotions of the music successfully to the partner is considered as a good dancer. For most of the time while dancing, the dancers walk along the floor embracing each other brushing their ankle & knees as one leg passes the other.


Festival de Tango: Festival of Romantic & Passionate Dancing

The two weeks duration of Tango festival is the most enchanted period. Various Tango classes scattered throughout the city offer explanatory shows, in depth lessons & the most important- an opportunity to shake legs on tango music with your partner! No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro one, dancing opportunity is offered to every enthusiast. In fact, thousands of aspiring Tanguistas of different age groups are seen struggling to learn the Tango steps with zeal. The most fascinating fact of this festival is that all the Tango classes are available for absolutely free of cost!

Besides amiable Tango classes, the traditional ‘Fair of Products’ is another fascinating place in Buenos Aires, which offers an extensive range of artistic Tango-related products. Visitors can purchase shoes & clothes used for Tango, books & audio-visual CD’s on legendary Tango performers & other artifacts to make the trip memorable.

Tango Festival

Festival de Tango: Festival of Romantic & Passionate Dancing

The festival also includes ‘World Championship of Tango Dancers’ participated by numerous veteran as well as young tango performers who tussles to become ‘Numero UNO’ Tango dancer by winning the hearts of thousands of spectators by their splendid performances. Apart from all this, more than 150 concerts, dance shows, ‘Milongas’ & parties ensure that the visitors would remain engaged with Tango for complete two weeks of time. For those spectacular two weeks, Buenos Aires eats, drinks & sleeps with Tango only!

To be a part of this mass celebration, all you need to have is a passion for dance & of course, a nice partner, because always remember- ‘It Takes Two to Tango’!