It’s rightly being said, one life is not sufficient to travel globe exploring nooks and corner of this world. But no worries, this travel blogs will surely help you to explore a bit of whole world.  Many of us visit historical monuments, heritage structure, resort or beach. But visiting supervolcano site is an extraordinary experience.

Yes! Very much you have heard it right, Yellowstone Caldera is a super volcano site, also called as volcanic caldera. Yellow Caldera is located in United States, named as Yellowstone National Park.

Story of Yellowstone Caldera

The story of this spot takes us deep within the earth. The hotspot, which is source of heat within mantle. Hotspot is prime thing responsible for making number of areas as active volcanic spot. After hundreds of years this hotspot now lies right beneath ‘Yellowstone’.

Still wondering with the geographical phenomena, around 600 years ago, the hotspot sent hot magma to surface which formed a big magma chamber. As this chamber is push upward due to which a large dome gets formed.

The pressure receiving at this spot built this surface as huge volcanic eruption spot. The Lava beneath this surface continues to flow into this area of caldera making it as active volcanic spot.

Explore On Wonders Of Yellowstone - Fountain Geysers

Explore On Wonders Of Yellowstone – Fountain Geysers

Yellowstone region

This Yellowstone region has created a record in itself, by producing large volcanic eruption. The eruption was recorded were in past around 2 million years ago. The placed was named as caldera due, to large magma formation, because of which collapsing of land, swallowing mountain was noted. This created a huge and wide cauldron shaped volcanic depression known as ‘Caldera’.

Condition of Yellowstone Caldera today!

There are several question hunting today. Well, definitely Yellowstone Caldera is prominent site to visit. But, has its explosive volcanic activity come to end? Has the magma chamber exhausted beneath?

Well, the formation of hot spring or geysers are reasons to think immediate that the lava has been cooled, beneath the geysers. But according to the Geologist, there are no soon explosion to be predicted in coming years. But the lava still quietly moves under the surface.

Yellowstone National Park

Millions of visitors visit this National Park each year. The Park was also titles as ‘Wonders of Yellowstone’. Its world’s very first National park, it consist of around 7-ungulates species, around 67 species of mammals, 300 or so different species of birds and 16 species of aquatic life.

The Yellowstone Lake too is largest lake to note around spreading its calmness to around 132-square meters with high altitude of 7.732. According to geology, the place has set too many records with 10,000 thermal features, 300 or more geysers.

Explore On Wonders Of Yellowstone - Yellowstone National Park

Explore On Wonders Of Yellowstone – Yellowstone National Park

National Park week entrance:

The Entrance fee varies from individual:

–          Private visitor : 25$ (with non-commercial purpose and vehicle)

–          Motorcycle riders : $20

–          General visitors travelling by foot or bike : $12

The fee is given for 7-days permit for Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone national Park has five different entrance each giving an extraordinary landscape view.

–          North Entrance

–          West Entrance

–          North-east Entrance

–          South –East Entrance

People with interest in wildlife, waterfall , Photography for them, Yellowstone is sure a place to visit.


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