If you are hunting for one of the jewels in Northern Territory, then Nitmiluk National Park must be mentioned on the list. The Nitmiluk National Park is surrounded by Katherine River, it has series of 13-steep walled gorges. The 13-walled gorges are considered as the main attraction of the park. The Gorge drop up to 100-metre deep located along the southern Arnhem Land plateau, stretching 12Km further in upstream. The National Park is exactly situated at southern tip of Kakadu National Park.

About the Nitmiluk National Park

In comparison to the Arnhem Land plateau, Katherine River nourishes the land of the Nitmiluk National Park. During monsoon or wet season, the water gushes through narrow gorges and plenty of waterfall are sited at this place. The waterfall cascade down rugged cliffs gives mesmerizing view. While, during the summer season the water level drops and then one can witness beautiful boulder-flanked ponds.

The Nitmiluk National Park is home for various animal species. Around 206 species of birds, 44 mammals’ species and other large number of aquatic animals and reptiles. Nocturnal animals are shy during daytime and can be spotted in early morning, and are not dangerous as saltwater cousins.

Nitmiluk National Park

Explore Nitmiluk National Park Along Katherine Gorge


Under Original legalisation of land, the land of the Nitmiluk National Park was given back to the traditional owner. The authority of land was originally over Jawoyn people, who then leased the land back to the government. Presently, the Jawoyn people and Wildlife commission jointly look after the National Park. The National Park is preserved and protected, conserving all wildlife and plants. The Park also holds rock painting which are thousand years old.

Nature lovers will have a great time with plenty of things to do and to see in the Nitmiluk National Park. There are recreational activities from swimming in waterholes, camping, fishing and hiking trails and so.


The local guide and a good tour agent might provide you valuable insight of the park. The canyons, boat ride must be truly be tried to get unique experienced. There are 2-hour cruise trip to full day and half day trip. Visitors can also rent a kayaks and try their hands on a paddling adventure, along the Katherine River.

If you are planning to head for a hiking trail in this National Park, then here’s a few tips and tricks you need to follow:

  • Carry sunscreen lotion, hat and essential accessories to protect from scorching heat. Also sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Carry at least 3-liters of water per head. Sturdy shoes, GPRS, topographic map, compass are a few essential things one must carry.
  • Binoculars if you want to take a close glimpse of birds and other wildlife animals.
Nitmiluk National Park

Explore Nitmiluk National Park Along Katherine Gorge

Best time to visit

Visiting between May to September is the best time to visit. The weather condition during this season is quite pleasant.

How to Reach?

The National Park is located at the top end of Australia’s Northern territory. The par is accessible through the main entrance which lies 30-m in the northwest of Katherine town through sealed road. Also, the Edith Falls, which lies on the west side of the park is can be accessed by turning to Stuart Highway