Etosha National Park one of the finest National Park in Southern part of Africa, also a significant Game Reserve. The Etosha Park was declared as National Park in the year 1907. It ranks first as a great wildlife viewing venue. Its unique environment is protected and encapsulated by Etosha Pan with flat, immense, desert and saline land. The land becomes saline for a few days in each year, the rain converts the bushes and grassland into diverse wild-land.

About the Park

Unlike other National Park in Africa, the Etosha National Park, located in Nambia spread on 22,270 sq km was established on 22nd March 1907. The Park receives around 20, 000, 00 number of visitor annually. Today, the land is protected under IUNC category and governed by the Ministry of Environment & Tourism. The large pan cover around 23% of total land. It is home to 114 mammals, 110 reptiles, 16-amphibians, and 340 birds.

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Etosha National Park Namibia’s Premier Game Park

The word Etosh means ‘Great White Place’, it is dominated by mineral pan. The large pan is part of Kalahari Basin which was formed around 1000-million years ago. Originally, it was lake of fed by the Kunene River. The course or lake gradually changed and lake dried up leaving no traces of water. Eventually, the pan is a large dusty depression of salt, which was filled with heavy water long time back! The temporary water pan attracts thousands of birds.

Local Tale

According to the legend, the formation of the Etosha Pan happened after the village was raided and everyone was slaughtered. A women was much upset about her families’ death and the incident, she cried until her tears formed a massive lake and when the lake dried up nothing was left apart from a huge white pan.

The landscape surrounding the Etosha National Park is impressive. If you are planning to drop a visit, the best tie to visit is between May and September. Visitors can expect a variety of wildlife species, also the network road, camps and subsidiary roads are linked to various waterholes. Visitor visiting the National Par have three choices to rest in camps, the Halali, Namutoni and Okaukuejo. Each camp has a tourist facility like swimming pool, restaurant, motor garage, basic repairs and shop for basic needs with accommodation and so.

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Etosha National Park Namibia’s Premier Game Park

Discovery of the Land

The Etosha National Park was first explored by Charles John Andersson and Francis Galton. They were the first person to record the existence of the land on 29th May 1851. The explorers were travelling with copper ore when they arrived at Omutjamatunda leaving Namutoni.

The Park holds different types of vegetation’s like Saline Desert, Woodlands and so. The Saline Vegetation zone is devoid of vegetation, but is rich with high protein rich grass which are used by blue wildebeest and springbok.  Turning toward the Woodland area, Mopane is a common tree found in the area.

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