Where: – Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

 In every August, the city of Memphis gets flocked by myriad fans of the King of ‘Rock n Roll’- ‘Elvis Presley’, on the occasion of the death anniversary of the legendary singer! Every year, die hard Elvis fans make a pilgrimage to the Memphis in the fond memories of The King’s ultimate musical performances, movies & legacy.

‘Elvis Week’ features various events related to the chart buster performances & musical concerts of Elvis those changed the world of music in USA. For the entire week, the fans of Elvis pay him an ultimate tribute through the seven days of fun, celebration & musical concerts & revive the golden era of the ‘Rock n Roll’ dynasty!

Why They Celebrate?

They celebrate the week with a sole purpose- to salute the musical prodigy that made everyone to shake up the hips & legs on the beats of vivacious music!

On 16th August 1977, Elvis Presley took his last breath in his Memphis based mansion, named ‘Graceland’. However, the demise of Elvis couldn’t diminish his larger than life image in the minds of his admirers. So, on the very first death anniversary of the great entertainer, his fans started herding towards Presley’s mansion- Graceland, in order to revive the memories & to express the gratitude for the numerous moments of pleasure, Presley had given them throughout his lifetime.

Elvis Week

Elvis Week A Tribute to The King Of ‘Rock n Roll’

The tradition that began on the first death anniversary still prevails & since then, for one week in every August, ‘Elvis Presley Boulevard’ gets flourished by the legions of Presley’s devoted fans!

How They Celebrate?

Elvis’s beautiful mansion- ‘Graceland’ is the center stage of all the events. As Elvis had spent more than 22 years of his exceptional life in the premises of this spectacular mansion, fans love visiting this place to revive the glorious days of their hero. It holds the meaning of not less than a pilgrimage for the fans of Elvis to visit the abode of their idol.

Numerous events & music concerts take place which include traditional events like ‘Elvis Fan Club Presidents Event’, ‘Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artists Contest’, ‘Elvis Insiders Event’ & ‘Elvis Candlelight vigil’. Special concerts, screening of Presley’s classic movies, panel discussions & musical nights accompany the main events to fill the Memphis air with the memories of the man who lived a perfect ‘American Dream’!

Elvis Week

Elvis Week A Tribute to The King Of ‘Rock n Roll’

Elvis Candlelight Vigil’ is the highlight of the entire week, which begins on the 15th August eve & continues till the morning of 16th August. Around the tens of thousands of Elvis fans march along the driveway to ‘Meditation Garden’ holding a candle to pay the homage to their dearest hero at his resting place! Fans then gather at ‘Elvis Presley Blvd’ to enjoy the music of the late artist & to admire the memorials created & kept along the street by fellow fans!

The ‘Elvis Week’ is probably the only festival in the world which is held in remembrance of a modern day artist. The number of attendees at ‘Elvis week’ is steadily surging every year despite of the fact that more than 30 years have passed since Elvis’s demise.

The love & affection of the fans depicts clearly that the King of ‘Rock n Roll’ might have gone to the afterlife, but his evergreen music continues to appeal the masses with the same intensity, making him immortal in the memories of his loyal fans!