Where: Jaipur, Rajasthan

When: 5th March 2015

This March Pink City welcomes you to break into jubilant celebration of life, a pre-Holi bash between Elephants around. Camel must be insignia of Rajasthan, but Elephant brings its own part of the Royalty. The Elephant is always considered as a Carrier of Royalty from Mughals to Rajput, Elephant always won hearts! Elephant Festival was started to give a glimpse of India’s rich Culture.

The Elephant Festival is marked by a series of interesting activities. This event is definitely outstanding which should not be missed. Organised every year on full-moon day of Phalgun Purnima, just a day before Dulendhi. The event is held officially on the Rambagh Polo Ground in Jaipur, Rajasthan and entices several eager tourists from around the globe.

Painted Elephant - Elephant Festival

Elephant Festival A Jubilant Celebration Of Life

How it is celebrated?

The festival starts with traditional Parade, musicians welcome with great folk tunes, dancer in flurry colours with Elephant Parade. Then comes the prime element of the whole occasion, ‘Best Decorated Elephant’ Competition followed by Elephant race, Elephant Polo, Tug-of-war between Elephant and Man. Sounds amazing! But no prize for guessing the exact answer of who will be winning the tug-of-war round?

Elephants in this thrilling festival are adorned with gold, glitters, their trunks and task are painted to charm the audience. Elephant Polo is a unique sport, in which players were red and saffron turban, ride on Elephant and aim to get goals. Only Female Elephant takes part in this Elephant Festival.

Musicians - Elephant Festival

Elephant Festival A Jubilant Celebration Of Life

The festival invites great opportunity to see regal and royal animal in this splendour parade with beating Nagara, rows of festooned Camels, horses, chariots, canon carts, porters and so on. The festival celebrates the majesty of Elephants with a rich essence of Rajasthan. The Elephant Festival is planned and structured by Rajasthan Tourism. After 2011, a huge percent of Tourist have increased. The event was cancelled due to some issue from Animal Right Groups in 2014. Alternately, visitors attending Jaipur on this festive occasion can also attend Holi conducted locally.

Interesting Celebration points

The Mahouts guide respective elephants to walk from huge crowd and appear elegant. The festival appeals with mesmerizing adorned elephants, horses, camels and so. Elephant splash colours to welcome visitors. The exhibition of Gaj Shringar is another breath-taking event to catch.  The exhibition has all animal jewellery, painting, food and other stuff on display.

Elephant Festival

Elephant Festival A Jubilant Celebration Of Life


According to Hindu Mythology, Elephants are given much significance. Elephants are symbol of royalty, the creature was also associated with the Buddha and Jainism. As per Hindu Mythology Devas and asuras have enthused the ocean with the hope of becoming eternal. The famous tale of nine jewels popularly called as Navratnas has also surfaced from the ocean. The State of Rajasthan has become a popular destination, with royal palaces, figures and its mesmerizing traditions.