Eilat, a super city not to be missed. This city is located in southern part of Israel. It is one of the busy port at the Northern tip of Red Sea. One of the known port in Israel on Gulf of Aqaba. To know the exact location of this busy port, it is at southern end of Arava and a part of Negev Desert, next to the Taba village.

Let’s take a dig on this beautiful place. If you are planning to visit this beautiful place, then here are few places sure to visit. There are several luxury hotel to have stay, on the main beach side.

Coral Beach:

The South beach is one of the famous ‘Coral Beach’, which is protected by Natural Reserve authority of Israel. This beach is famous for scuba diving. Other water sports and activities are also offered like nitrox, tri-mix, rebreather and many more. Windsurfing, kite-surfing and snorkeling are too conducted. The fee for Entrance is not much but affordable for around 30-35 NIS (children & adult).


Dolphin Reef:

This makes this place a sure tourist spot. This site offers interaction with dolphins, if you want to get close with dolphin, swim with them or dive. The Piers landing allows all to get close to dolphin.

King City: This is theme park in Eilat. This park was inaugurated in year June 2006. The park has three level, which resembles like king palace, the theme park is spread over 40,000 square feet. The palace is built with four different section:

  •  Journey to past
  •  Bible Cave
  • Solomon Fall
  • And cave of illusion

Hai Bar:

This is one of the spectacular zoo in Israel. They train animal and then release them to wild-life. It consist of several wild animals from Ostrich, Fox, Hyena, Arabian Oryx and many more.


How to get there?

You can get to this place by plane, bus or by crossing border.

By Air:

Eilat Airport is located right in the center of city. There are frequent flights to other destination. Flight to Tel Aviv only takes about 50 minutes. You can also opt for Charter flights offered by several other airlines. These Charter flights are bit cheaper than those general Air fares.

By Bus:

Several bus leave from ‘Central Bus Station’. This mode of transport is affordable and allows you to reach at destination in 5-hours.

By Taxi or Car:

This is also convenient and affordable mode to go for. You can find several taxi or private cars driving to this destination. It takes approximately 4-5 hours to reach.

Other places to visit

Negev Desert: This is the deep desert that surrounds ‘Eilat’. This has become a major tourist attraction spot for desert Hiking, camel treks and jeep tours.

Horror maze: This is recently created tourist spot. A total crazy and funny maze.

Kite surfing, Scuba diving, Snorkeling and many more.