The icon of the nation and an icon of the city of Paris, Eiffel Tower was built in the year 1889 and since then it has been thronged by millions of visitors every year. Amongst these visitors 75 % are from other countries who make this as the prime point of the itinerary. The Eiffel Tower, the symbol of France, has become one of the most important monuments of the country.

About The Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower, also lovingly called as the Iron Lady is of 324 meters tall. It is an outstanding creation of Gustav Eiffel weighing over 10000 tonnes. About 18000 metal sections are assembled with the help of 2500000 rivets to erect this Tower. The visitors can reach up to second level using lifts or climbing 704 steps to get a unique aerial view of the city of Paris. In the year 1985, in the process of a major make-over of the Tower, the weight was reduced by almost 1340 tonnes, and the Tower is repainted almost 20 times. The Tower is open up to 11 PM allowing the visitors to enjoy and appreciate the city of light and the starry night.


Eiffel Tower: Symbol of Paris and France


The Eiffel Tower is the emblem of Industrial revolution right in the heart of the Paris city and the centre of attraction of the Universal Exhibition of 1889. The ever youthful Tower truly betrays its true age. Since 1985, the Tower is bathed in a golden light at nightfall, whence the tower sparkles for five minutes every hour. Initially this gesture was featured as the welcome of the millennium year 2000. But the ritual is continued even today.

The Eiffel Tower was initially dedicated to radio transmissions only. The first radio transmission in the year 1898 and the first broadcast in 1925 was done from the tower, till the arrival of televisions. From 1950 onwards the tower became prominent tourist attraction and now it has become the main tourist spot along with the gardens of the Chateau de Versailles.


Eiffel Tower: Symbol of Paris and France

The Eiffel Tower has Champ-de-Mars the magnificent park at its feet and on the other side river Seine. The Iron Lady has long served as a theatre of fabulous lighting effects and numerous events. There are various entertainment options and also a restaurant in the premises. The Tower has inspired a large number of artists and painters and also singers and poets. The Eiffel Tower area has also inspired the film-makers who have used the tower in their film shoots.

The Eiffel Tower has become the soul of the City of Light and till date dominates the skyline of Paris.