Blessed with the pristine ocean, warm weather, incredible marine life & exotic surroundings, the Solomon Islands are the world’s one of the best diving destinations. Nestled in the South Pacific Ocean, the Solomon Islands comprise of a massive group of 992 islands & are situated at the 1200 miles northeast of Australia. The Solomon Islands are famous not only for its underwater treasury of staggering marine life, but also for its amazing stock of WWII wrecks. Hundreds of warheads, aircraft, vessels & even submarines from WWII are resting peacefully on the seabed of Solomon Islands depicting the tales of the one of the most ferocious war fought between the mighty Allied forces & the stubborn Japanese! An outstanding variety of coral species & sea creatures, healthy coral reefs, crystal clear water & astonishing war relics make these Islands the diver’s paradise offering everything a diver could desire! Here we present a list of few high profile diving sites which score slightly better than their counterparts, though; picking these options wasn’t as easy as it seems to be!


Guadalcanal - Diving In Solomon Islands

Diving In Solomon Islands Explore the Hidden Treasures Of South Pacific Ocean : Guadalcanal

Guadalcanal offers world’s best wreck diving as literally hundreds of relics of all sorts of vessels & aircrafts can be found resting at the bottom of the ocean. Some of the relics are so shallow that the parts emerge out of the surface, whereas the others are sunken so deep that no human can ever be able to explore them! These WWII wrecks have got so nicely blended with the aquatic life that most of these wrecks now form exceptional artificial reefs providing shelter to a vast number of sea creatures those live in the thriving corals that have engulfed these wrecks!


Tulagi - Diving In Solomon Islands

Diving In Solomon Islands Explore the Hidden Treasures Of South Pacific Ocean – Tulagi

Tulagi’ is another great diving option that offers equally majestic diving experience as that of the Gundalcanal. Two dreadful US war vessels USS Kanawha & USS Aaron Ward lies deep in this water at the great depth of 45 m & 65 m respectively which are accessible to veteran divers only. The array of spectacular reefs & an astounding variety of sea creatures swimming in huge hordes make a dive experience splendid enough to blow the minds of the divers. Enormous Manta rays are one of the most elegant creatures that make frequent appearances in this water.

South Marovo Lagoon:

South Marovo Lagoon - Diving In Solomon Islands

Diving In Solomon Islands Explore the Hidden Treasures Of South Pacific Ocean – South Marovo Lagoon

South Marovo Lagoon hosts some of the most mesmerizing diving sites in Solomon terrain. A group of three adorable islands- Mbulo, Male Male & Kicha offers a stunning display of underwater life & scenery. These islands are surrounded by the azure waters that flaunt jaw-dropping variety of vibrant corals & sea fans. The vertical walls, the gardens, the pinnacles, whatever you find underwater, it is made up of corals! These coral reefs provide abundant space for marine creatures to flourish. Manta shrimps, ghost pipefish, seahorses & the huge herds of angel fish & humphead parrot fish can be seen darting around in this heavenly underwater world. Gatokae Island in this terrain offers a rare opportunity of muck diving & reef diving at the same place & also provides the best surroundings for the marine photographers.


Munda - Diving In Solomon Islands

Diving In Solomon Islands Explore the Hidden Treasures Of South Pacific Ocean -Munda

Munda is also an exciting place that offers a perfect balance of wreck & reef diving. The ‘Shark Point’ near Munda is renowned for the thrilling sight of the elegant creatures like gray reef sharks, snapper, batfish & devil rays. Deep sea diving takes you into the more astounding world of marauding sharks & barracudas. Other spots in the vicinity such as Susu Hite & Mbigo can be reckoned as the great spots for rookie divers. Although Solomon Islands possess an extraordinary underwater world, its above the land scenery is as magnificent & as diverse as that of its marine life. The lush green tropical rainforests, sparkling waterfalls, grunting volcanoes, serene blue lagoons & rich white sand beaches make it an equally grandeur destination to visit even for non divers!