Disneyland Park famous park which makes us nostalgic with Disney characters welcoming us. The Disneyland Park popularly called as ‘Disneyland’ is a theme park at California. The only park which was built on 17, July 1955, the theme park was supervised by the great Walt Disney itself. The theme park has now developed into a huge complex expanding its wings as true theme park.

The novel idea to build Disneyland came to Walt Disney, when he visited various amusement park with his daughter in year 1940. He initially had an idea to develop a small tourist spot next to his studio at Burbank. Then he brought 160-acres of land near a place called ‘Anaheim’, the land then was transformed into theme park.


Disneyland A Park To Visit Once In Lifetime

Today, Disneyland has number of expansion like Mickey’s toon-town, New Orleans Square, Bear country and many more. The Disneyland has highest number of visitor every-year around 650 million after inauguration of theme park. The expansion of theme park has recorded 16.2 million more visitor and made the park as third most visited park around the world.

Opening Day:

The theme park, Disneyland was opened on July 1955, exclusively for ‘International Press Preview’, where 28,000 people attended the event. The event was telecast globally. The theme park created huge buzz on its opening day. Walt Disney invited his three friends from Hollywood Bob Cummings, Ronald Reagan and Art Linkletter. The concept of building this park strike when he visited ‘Griffith Park’ with his daughters Sharon and Diane.


Disneyland A Park To Visit Once In Lifetime

Disney Land Park:

The park was opened on Main Street of USA. The park constitute of eight theme park namely Fantasy-land, tomorrow land, Adventure-land, New Orleans Square, Holiday-land and many more. The Holiday-Land theme area is of 9-acres which includes baseball diamond and circus but then was closed in year 1961. The Holiday-Land was not that successful like rest sub-themes in Disneyland. The sub-theme park was also called as ‘Lost-land’ of Disneyland.

  • Adventureland:

This sub-theme park of Disneyland makes you believe that those cartoon characters do exists! Sounds interesting? The entrance of Adventure land itself makes you feel delighted.

  • New Orleans Square:

This sub-theme park is based on 19th century’s New Orleans. This was opened in year 1966, July 24th. Now, popular attraction at this place is Pirate of Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, club 33 and many more.


Disneyland A Park To Visit Once In Lifetime

  • Fantasyland:

This was the area where ‘Walt Disney’ said ‘Youngsters can dream of flying with Peter Pan, tumble with Alice in her wonderland and many more’. The concept was originally styled in medieval European fashion, but then was turned in Bavarian village.

Disneyland is a place where you can dance with cartoons, wear funny outfit and ride on different rides to enjoy to the fullest.

Disneyland must be visited once in a lifetime, its friendly employees, fun factors, cleanliness are prime factors that attracts millions of visitors every year.