Natural, Spectacular, seductive and more adjective you can use to describe Cusco. Cusco is a city situated in Southeastern Peru. It is near to the Andes Mountain of the Urubamba Valley. The city with striking beautiful places and structures around is capital of the Cusco Region located in Cusco Province. The population of city is around 435,411. The land is elevated around 3,400-meter. The place is a fine instance of engineering by Stonemasons Inca.

About the city

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Cusco Travel A Complete Guide With Places To Visit

The City is the historic Capital of Inca Empire. The site was under Inca Rule from 13th to 16th century, after then it was conquered by the was in the year 1983, it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Today, it receive 2-million visitors from around the world. It is also designated as Historical Capital of Peru.

The city has well preserved colonial architecture, with rich evidence and complex history. Surrounded by several ruins, with impressive Sacsayhuaman. It is a site of 1536 Battle with dozens of Pizarro men fighting in the battle of the Inca.


Good time to visit is year-round. Cusco can be hot during day and quite cold at late night and early morning. Carrying a gloves, hat at night is must! The climate at times get dusty.

Things to do in Cusco

Cuzco Plaza De Armas – During Inca rule, the place was known as ‘Huacaypata’. It is Quecha word which means meeting place. It became an important ceremonial place where the Festival of Sun or Inti Raymi is celebrated. As Spanish conquered the land, the place was transformed, thy built buildings, stone arches and so.


Cusco Travel A Complete Guide With Places To Visit

Cuzco Cathedral – the Cathedral was constructed in two phases. The Chapel of Triumph was initially built on ancient temple of Suntur Wasi. The site has Renaissance style facades, carving of cedar and alder.

Temple of San Blas – it is an ancient temple built around 1560, during colonial period. It consist of spectacular wood carving and carpentry work. It is attributed to artist Diego Tito.